Rough Draft update:

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Hey everyone,
I wanted to give you an update on my book. So I sent out the first 5 chapters of my rough draft. And so far everyone is loving this book. I got some words of advice on a couple of chapters. They want me to dig deeper and open up more. This book is about my life and some of the chapters are emotional and some of the chapters are about my struggles with things. And you never know how someone will react to what you write. This is my baby and to let others read it had given me some anxiety but the feedback has been amazing. I’m working on some of the feedback as well as continuing to write the remaining chapters of my book. One thing that I’m doing that I noticed that others haven’t is I’m not worried about the word count our if all chapters are the same. Some chapters will be longer and some shorter. I have to go with my heart on this and not follow certain rules for writing. I know that some won’t agree with me and that’s okay. Welp back to writing.

Rough Draft:

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Well, I’m happy to report that I have 6 people who will be reading a part of my rough draft. I will be sending this out this week. I’m excited and nervous to see what they will have to say. But the more I write the more I feel good about it. I feel like this is a huge step for me. I still have more chapters to write but I feel like this is a good step in the right direction.


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So I have a question for all my writers and authors out there. So here is the question: When you have a rough draft who do you let read it? Do you find beta readers, friends or do you pay someone to read your rough draft? I’m in the process of wanting to have someone read my rough draft. But I’m at the point that I’m not sure if someone will read it to give me the feedback that I need or if someone is reading it to steal my story. So this is the question that I’m asking.


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I’m super happy right now. I’m living in my element. Writing this book has taken me to my happy place. I’m like why has it taken me so long to finish this book and others. Well, it’s probably what I like to call a lack of commitment or just being lazy. I never knew how much joy writing gives me. So not only am I working on my book, but I got other books to blog about and I’m reading a couple of people’s work on their unfinished book. Talk about being in my happy place right now. With COVID going on and no job all these projects are keeping me in my happy zone. Plus the fact that I’m doing what I love and helping people with their books. I read a rough draft of a book that truly blew my mind. I was able to help her redirect her story and help her come up with some amazing ideas on what direction the book can go in next. Needless to say, she is making a part two of the book. So I’m in my zone right now. I was talking to my husband and daughter about maybe taking some classes on creative writing. With so much going on and the job search giving me the blues this certainly has lifted my spirits.