Words hurt:

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One thing that I have noticed about life is when someone is hurt by you. They don’t have a problem telling you how they feel about you. Why do we wait until we have anger in our hearts to lash out at people? It hurt me when someone said that they felt like I want to do anything great. The person who said it is someone that I’m truly close to. But for them to feel like I’m not going to succeed at anything changed the course of how I view people. But I can show people better than I can tell them. And at that moment it made me pause and think about if I have ever hurt anyone that way before? I probably have, but I never want anyone to feel low because I’m angry in the moment. We should always be honest with people and not just when we are angry with people. I’m learning to control my words and never hurt anyone the way that I was hurt. Words have so much power but don’t give them power.

Change: the husband edition:

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One of the things that I wanted to change about myself is the words that I use. I wanted to change how I spoke to my husband. I know that words have value and there are times when he makes me mad our just irritates me that I don’t always use the best words. And to be honest it hurt me because why would I want to hurt him with words when I can uplift him with words. I have noticed that since I have been fasting that I have more patience with him and that I take the time to understand where he is coming from. My words are more loving and they show that I care. I make sure to uplift him and affirm him. But it hasn’t always been easy in doing this, but I had to decide to truly change how I speak to him. And I’m also showing him how the words that he speaks to himself are not true and kind. I may have days when I slip and say some mean things to him, but I’m not aware of how I talk to him and the words that I use with him.

Word for 2021:

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I have noticed that many people have a word for 2021 and I had to think about my word long and hard. And it finally came to me, my word is myself. I’m going to be kinder to myself. I’m going to love me, support me, and encourage me. I have always gone hard for everyone else but myself. I have done so much for others and never for myself. Why have I neglected myself for others? Why have I done so much for others who have done less for me. This year of 2021 I’m going to make a better me. So my word for 2021 again is myself.


Words are important to me because they speak either life or death. But I noticed lately that the things that I have been praying about I haven’t been speaking much life into them. I want a better marriage but sometimes I fail and I speak badly about myself. I want to finish my book but doubt that anyone would care about what I write. I want to write for a magazine company or someone to get my writing skills up but doubt that anyone would want me to write for them. I do admit lately I have been feeling down, but that is no excuse to not speak life into my situation. If I continue to speak death over my situation well it’s going to die. But if I speak life over my situation who knows what could happen. Just because your not where you want to be doesn’t mean that it’s not going to happen. God hears my prayers but I need to trust him. If you’re going through something speak life no matter how hard it might seem.