Just my opinion:

I have seen and heard so many people losing their minds to buy gifts for everyone. I’m so confused about why we spend so much money on one day thinking that gifts will make things better. Why wait to show love and appreciation to one day? Christmas is about Jesus it’s not about spending money to make the kids, spouse, and everyone else happy. You can’t buy happiness. You can go into debt for happiness. How many more toys and games do your kids need? How do you explain the stress and all the debt that you have? What about doing something special for the ones you love often. Why wait for the last month of the year? We have gotten away from the real reason for the season. I use to be that parent that had to make sure that I got my kids all the things that they wanted just for them to use for a while and then I’m giving it away. And I had to sit back and think about the real reason for the season. How about giving back? How about making sure that families that don’t have food, clothes and whatever else gets it? Why go into debt just because you feel like you have to be like everyone else? Well, I can’t tell you what to do, but like I said this is just my opinion. I hope your time off and the holiday is good.


I’m sitting here listening to the rain and reflecting on my life. Here is a question that has been on my mind. Why don’t you tell your spouse what you need from him? Well, I’m not a great communicator. That shouldn’t be an excuse right? RIght. But the truth is I’m not. I’m a physical touch type of girl. I have always been a physical touch type of girl. I love hugs, kissing, hand holding all of that. But my husband is not that type of guy. When I was hurt I got none of that. And that made me mad. Why didn’t I just tell him that’s what I needed? Well, I’m a surfer talker. It’s easy just say that you want some affection right? Wrong. I don’t know why I can’t say it. But this morning I told my husband this is what I need the most. He was like why didn’t I just tell him instead of always being angry with him about my expectations that he knew nothing about. Well, that’s where communication comes in. I’m working hard on my communication. I love just taking the time to sit back and just think. Working on me is bettering me. I have a long way to go but I’m going to get there. When you tell people what you need it makes life a little easier.

Without you:

Sometimes I feel I give you to much
When in the end I feel like you don’t give a fuck
Who was I without you
Was my day joyous or was it blue
I love you maybe too much
But right now it seems like you don’t give a fuck
Who was I without you
Was I happy, joyful and true
Maybe I care about you too much
Or maybe you just don’t give a fuck
Who was I without you
I know I was enough this much is true

I’m not Superwomen:

I’m not Superwomen
I thought I could be
I’m not Superwomen
No, she’s not me
I’ve tried to do all the things she’s done
But her strength
I’m outdone

I’m not Superwomen. I’ve been labeled that but I don’t want to be her anymore. I do so much for other people that I rarely take the time out to do something for myself. If I’m tired and stressed, then I’m no good for myself or other people. Women we try to do it all. But we can’t do it all. It wasn’t meant for us to do it alone. I find myself being overwhelmed, but it’s my fault. Ladies stop trying to do it all. We need to ask for help. It’s okay to not be able to handle it all. STOP LADIES-STOP!!!!!!!! We are not Superwomen. I’m not Superwomen. I’m okay being me and not doing it all.