Negative thinking:

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Sometimes you may think that you’re doing everything that you can for yourself, but in all honesty, the noise in your head can become too loud. Taking care of yourself is good but you need to break down your thoughts. Some thoughts are way louder than others and some of your thoughts have you thinking and feeling differently. I’m a feeling person always has been. I base a lot of my decisions on feelings. But lately, a lot of my decisions have been because of what I think. My thoughts can tell me one thing that I know in my heart that’s not true. I had to truly see myself in a better light and not let the negative thinking get me down. It’s so interesting when I’m good there are no negative thoughts but as soon as something happens or I’m down the thoughts creep in. I’m learning to separate what is true and is not true. I know that we have all been down and felt worthless at some point but trust me you’re not worthless. Your important, strong and loved. This whole time I’ve been dealing with my health and not working has put a lot of negative talk in my head. But I’m learning to not let the negative control my life. I know that I’m better than that.


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We all have dreams. Some of our dreams have probably come true. But what if you have a dream where you just don’t know if it will even happen? Well, my dream is to become a successful blogger and author. I’m not only talking about success as in money but as in helping people. Yes, I would like to pay my bills but I place helping people at a much higher value. No, I’m not writing self-help books. I’m writing about real life and what it’s like dealing with real life. Were always quick to help but we never really give much thought to how we got there. I would like to write all day and read. Yes, it may sound lame but it’s the truth. Right now I’m unemployed so I have more time to work on my books but to be honest I’ve been searching for work more than writing. I know one day that I will publish a book and get to at least a thousand followers on my blog but until then I will continue to put in the hard work and dedication. What are your dreams?