Let’s see how this goes:

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

So Texas has been open for a couple of days now. And at first, I was a little scared to see what would happen. But when I went to the store people were still wearing their masks. I have seen on the news that people were going out to eat and still were wearing their masks. Some are happy that they no longer need to wear one. But Texas is at the bottom of the list when it comes to getting people vaccinated. And it was way too early to open this state up. I just pray that we don’t have a setback anytime soon. My fear is other people coming to this state and things go to hell. But that won’t be my problem, right? Well, let’s see how this will continue to go.


I’m a Kansas girl living in a Texas world. Well, this picture was taken on Sunday and we have more snow and ice heading our way tonight. I’m used to the cold, snow, and ice. But I haven’t lived in Kansas in 11 years. But this cold is something I haven’t felt in so long. It’s nice to look at but it’s not nice to be in. They have asked people to stay off the roads and stay home. But people are not listening. There are so many power outages. I hope everyone stays safe.