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I have been honored to read other people’s rough drafts and even final drafts of their books. But one thing that I have heard many people say is that people are so critical of their work. One lady’s rough draft that I read was an amazing story and she got discouraged because someone told her that no one would ever read her book. It truly breaks my heart when I see that people have put in the time and effort to create a wonderful story just for people to speak negatively about the book. I encouraged this lady to continue with her book and make the necessary changes and not let anyone stop her from completing her book. I have read many books from rough drafts, final drafts, and best sellers. We all have our opinions but I have read New York best-selling author books that were not that good. I don’t feel like anyone should discourage anyone from writing a book. You don’t know how you can change someone’s life or even go on the become New York’s best seller. I have to listen to my advice that I give others because I do get discouraged about my book. If this is your first book or your 100th book please don’t let anyone tell you not to write your story.

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Since this is black history month I will be telling you somethings about me and just having a conversation with you. Yes, I’m a black woman who doesn’t feel like my skin color should be threatening. As I was growing up the only people who looked at me like I was beautiful was my people. I never really got why I wasn’t liked by some and why others just pretended that I didn’t exist. I had a really good friend who was white and I was never invited to any of her birthday parties that she had. I asked her about this ( I was in elementary at the time) and she said that her parents didn’t like black people and that her parents didn’t know that she had black friends. This hurt me deeply because one I had never met her parents and two I’m just a child. What about me don’t you like? I remember going to my grandma about this and she said some people are taught to hate and they don’t understand why they hate. And some are taught that we as black people are nothing and should be treated as such. This truly hurt me. I have never seen color but others do. Even in the workplace, I had noticed that I’m liked until I’m promoted and then I’m not spoken to anymore. The older that I get the more hopeful I am that racism will one day go away. But let’s be honest it will probably be here longer than me. This is just one of many stories.