The storm:

We have all been through a storm before. Some storms are small and some storms are huge. Some storms can destroy everything and leave us devastated. But in our own lives we go through many storms. But one thing we always have to remember is that storms only last for a short while. The sun will always shine again. You might have lost something but you will get more back then what you have lost. Life has a funny way of making us realize that whatever you go through. You always come out stronger and better. I have been through some storms in my life lately. But I can tell you that I’m better than before. It’s who you surround yourself with during this storm. It’s how you handle the storm when you’re going through it. Storms don’t last always but we do.

Photo by Andre Furtado on


Photo by Andre Furtado on

We are supposed to get storms today through Friday. And as I look at my life I have had some storms that I thought would never end. Some storms come to disrupt your life and some storms are to clear the junk that you have in your life. But I see a storm as a lesson and a way to look at my life and what I can be missing. No matter how much you feel like you are doing your best something or someone will try to disrupt your life. Like it states in the bible in everything there is a season. And I feel like this season that I’m in is to realize that sometimes you have to look at things and people differently. Not everyone is good for you and not everyone can be trusted. No matter what the storm in your life looks like just know that you will make it through. I didn’t always feel like it but the more that you go through it the more you realize that you can make it. Just know that storms don’t last always.

Storm coming:

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I’m sitting here waiting for the storms to come today. We are supposed to get some pretty heavy rain and thunderstorms this afternoon. But one thing that popped in my head is we know when the weather is going to be different. We see it on the news, we smell the rain and see the sky changing. But why don’t we see the storms coming in our own lives? What can’t we see that we should be seeing? I can’t go outside and see the sun shining but there is a storm brewing in my own life. I might feel different but not sure of what is about to happen. Why are some things so easy to predict when other things are not so easy? But I had to stop to ask myself is the reason we don’t see the storm coming because we don’t want to or are we in denial? I know when things in my life aren’t right but there are times I honestly don’t see the storm coming. Maybe I don’t want to face anything else at that time or maybe I don’t truly see it. Is it easy for you to spot storms coming in your life?