Time to speak differently:

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.com

I don’t know about you but I want to think and dream differently. I’m reading a book which I will review shortly that has changed my way of thinking. I have doubts just like anyone else, but why do I let those doubts get the best of me? It’s time to rethink my thinking. It’s time to see myself as the best version of myself. It’s time for me to think about what I can be and do without doubts and fears. Not only that but last year I use to mediate and it really helped me to focus on things that matter. Well, I got away from that but I will be getting back to it. It made my day so much better. But I thought about how I talk to myself during the day and my language to myself isn’t always positive and helpful. I need to speak better to myself. I need to really get some good affirmations going with myself. I need to speak better over myself. If I can encourage others and speak better to them than to myself something is wrong. I need to change my whole conversation with myself. I have heard people who look in the mirror and speak positive things to themselves and I use to think that was weird. But not anymore. Self-love is the best love. It’s time for some changes in a better direction for me. I hope you speak love over yourself today.