Social Media:

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Well, I have been back on social media and I have to say that I won’t be on it like I used to be. It was so depressing and I wonder why people spend so much time on social media. I’ve missed some amazing things like wedding proposals, kids being born, and also birthdays. But other than that I didn’t miss anything at all. I use to be on social media when I was bored. Now when I find myself getting bored I start reading a book or doing something else that will keep me in a more positive mindset. I have limited my social media contact. I would be on it for hours now I’m just on it for minutes.

My peace:

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Since I have been taking a break from social media I have noticed that my thoughts and life are a lot quieter. I mean don’t get me wrong social media can be good, but there are times when you’re wrapped up in it and you can’t get off. I have noticed that I don’t reach for my phone to check out what’s going on in other’s lives. I have noticed that there is peace within me. I don’t care who is dating who, who is divorcing who, and all this other nonsense. I’m having more connections with my husband, kids, and my real friends. I don’t miss all the gossip and drama. I was always on Facebook and Instagram. Those were my two main social media sites where I could be on there for hours. Even when this break is over I’m still not going to be on it as much. It’s too peaceful without social media. I’m just going to use it more for my blog and check on the family but I’m not going to be on it for hours at a time. Too much negative and I love my peace way too much.