Look in the mirror:

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When you look in the mirror who do you see? Well, I hope you see yourself. But really look at yourself in the mirror. Do you love who you see? If not why not? When you look at yourself in the mirror are there things about yourself that you would like to change? If so why? I’m here to tell you that there are things that we feel would help us to look better. But what about loving yourself as you are? So many people think that when they change how they look that they will feel better. That may be true but most of the time you need to change who you are inside before you can like who you are on the outside. Who are you trying to impress? If no one then who are you trying to look like? If no one then why doesn’t you like what you see in the mirror? You don’t have to change who you are for people to like you. But you have to change yourself to like yourself.

The best me:

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How is everyone doing? I’m great. I have taken the time to truly work on myself and I’m loving the woman that I am. I have taken time to heal some of my hurts. I have taken the time to discover myself. And I have taken the time to truly know what and who is for me. So much has changed in my life and for the better. My marriage is amazing. I’m so appreciative of my husband who always has encouraged me to dream and love myself. I have discovered new things about myself. I have once again fallen in love with myself. I have an amazing new job. I have rekindled some old friendships that mean a lot to me. I’m on cloud 9 right now. I’m still limiting my time on social media. But I can’t explain to you how much working on yourself is so important. I have always neglected myself to help others work on themselves. But that has all changed. I’m putting myself and my mental health first and then helping others. This journey is not over but I love that all the hard work is finally paying off. I will always have to work on myself but not as hard anymore. Self-care+Self-love+working on yourself=the best version of you. So when was the last time that you spent time with yourself? When was the last time that you worked on yourself? Your with yourself all day every day, so why not make yourself the best you?

I’m back like I never left:

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This time away has been truly humbling and refreshing. I have had time to heal, deal and love myself. So many things have happened since I have been away. But the one that matters the most is my healing and learning to say no. I have recognized that I say yes way too much and I have stopped that. Placing boundaries on things that don’t bring me peace and happiness. Spending more time with God and in his word. I have enjoyed more family time. What I have learned is taking the time to spend with yourself can reveal some hard truths and things you need to work on. There were moments when I wanted to blog about what I was dealing with, but instead, I journaled about it. Finding time to quiet the mind and just be in the present has been so wonderful. I’m always thinking about what needs to be done and how I get everything on my to-do list done today. But stepping back and being present is so much more beneficial than I realized. There are so many things that I enjoyed doing that I stopped doing, but now I’m back to doing them. So starting today I’m in a new season and that season is called my season. We all know about the four seasons but when do you have a season? Seriously, when do you change, grow, water and plant? When do you refresh yourself to become a better version of yourself? Is it when something happens or someone dies? How about making you and your life a priority? It should be your season 365 days a year. I wish that I could go back in time and change so many things in my life, but I can’t. I can only move forward and do my best. Just know that this time away has been for the best. I’m happy to be back blogging again. I might start once a week and then gradually move up but we’ll see. I hope everyone reading this will take care of themselves and work on themselves more. Make you the best you possible. Let things go, don’t dwell on the negative, love hard but most importantly make time for yourself.

The new me:

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Who am I? I use to be a woman who felt like I was broken. But I’m a woman who discovered some amazing things about herself lately. I can overcome my past because I’m greater than what I used to be. The more that I love myself and work on myself the greater I become as a person. My past mistakes don’t make me a bad person it just made me someone who has more growing to do. I love plants and one thing about a plant is some seeds need to grow in the soil. You must water and take care of that plant for it to grow. You must give it sunlight and love to see it flourish. I’m that plant and I’m growing in ways I didn’t even know that I could grow. Loving the good, bad and ugly has been amazing. I let so much of my past hold me down. I let so much of what others thought of me hold me down. I’m free from the bonds that held me hostage. I love this new woman that I’m becoming. She is so amazing. I’m going to continue to water her and love her like never before. Everything is flourishing around me because I took the time to work on myself. Self-love and self-care are a must in my life. I surround myself with positive loving people. I make sure to never let anyone cross boundaries that I have set to protect me. I’m not done working on myself and I will never be, but at least I can breathe and smile and know that the work I have put in has been so worth it.


Have you checked on you lately? When was the last time you checked on yourself? If not it’s time to. We check and take care of other’s. Now it’s time to do the same for ourselves. Make sure you are good. Have a great day.

Time to speak differently:

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I don’t know about you but I want to think and dream differently. I’m reading a book which I will review shortly that has changed my way of thinking. I have doubts just like anyone else, but why do I let those doubts get the best of me? It’s time to rethink my thinking. It’s time to see myself as the best version of myself. It’s time for me to think about what I can be and do without doubts and fears. Not only that but last year I use to mediate and it really helped me to focus on things that matter. Well, I got away from that but I will be getting back to it. It made my day so much better. But I thought about how I talk to myself during the day and my language to myself isn’t always positive and helpful. I need to speak better to myself. I need to really get some good affirmations going with myself. I need to speak better over myself. If I can encourage others and speak better to them than to myself something is wrong. I need to change my whole conversation with myself. I have heard people who look in the mirror and speak positive things to themselves and I use to think that was weird. But not anymore. Self-love is the best love. It’s time for some changes in a better direction for me. I hope you speak love over yourself today.


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It’s time for me to get back to self-love. What is self-love you ask well according to google Self-love, defined as “love of self” or “regard for one’s own happiness or advantage. I need to get back to loving me and appreciating me more and what I bring to the world. I’m done with all the negative energy that has been coming my way. If you don’t love yourself it’s hard to let other’s love you back in return. With that being said I’m about to love on me so hard that the negative will no longer affect me. Sometimes you have to look at why you allow others to say hurtful things to you. But like I have always said this is a learning lesson. Self-love in full effect.

See your worth:

I’m sitting here trying to type with dirty glasses. How can we see anything if we never clean our vision? I was walking and noticed this gorgeous tree, but the beauty of it wasn’t at all what I was seeing. I had to take off my glasses to fully see just how beautiful it was. When you don’t take the time to see things as they really are you don’t fully understand just how beautiful something can be. Ladies when you look in the mirror do you see everything that is wrong with you or do you see everything right with you? Why do we focus so much on the negative and hardly the positive? It’s time that we cleaned our glasses and see the beauty all around us. It’s so disappointing when we as women have to make ourselves something that we are not to attract a man. Listen I’m a sweat, t-shirt, and tennis shoe type of chick. It’s what’s more comfortable for me but I do dress up and get cute. But I do it for me more than for my husband. I have always not felt comfortable in my skin. I was that female who dressed to impress her man but what made him find me attractive didn’t make me feel attractive. And I was more important than him because I knew my self-worth was more important. Listen I’m not saying for you not to dress up and look good, but make sure you feel good in whatever you have on. Make sure you can look in the mirror and see all your positives and not the negatives. Ladies, you are beautiful, and never forget that. Your light shines even when you don’t think it does. Lift up your heads and know your worth. Trust me this is something that I need also. I don’t always see the positives when I look in the mirror. But I’m working on telling myself each day what I like about myself.


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Well, I’m happy to say that Friday afternoon we got our water back. Those days without water were bad. You don’t realize that you take so many things for granted that you use every day. And then one day it’s gone you learn to appreciate it more. Also, I have learned somethings about myself during that crazy winter storm that we had. It was nice having a talk with my husband and letting him know how I’m feeling. I’ve learned that I have things that I haven’t dealt with or took the time to even acknowledge. It was nice to speak the things that I’m dealing with out loud. It’s crazy to say but I’m having a disconnect with my husband and it’s more me than him. I have never been in a relationship where I have felt that anyone was giving me their all. I haven’t ever felt loved in a relationship either. I felt more like the love came with conditions. And I have to learn to love myself and just because I love people a certain way doesn’t mean that they will love me back that way. And that’s okay as well. We are not all alike I have to learn to receive the love that is given to me. I have made time next month for me time. I just feel like it’s time to get me together. Self-love and self-care are very important right now.


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I believe that if you want to change then change will come. Well as some of you know I’m on a fast. And I have been on fast’s before but this one is different. There are so many changes that I want to make within myself, some things that I want to do better at, and some things that I wanted to get rid of in my life. When I tell you how relaxed and happy I am. No, listen I’m truly happy, I’m taking the time to listen to my needs and wants. Taking the time to work on me, really work on me. Taking the time to get rid of some bad habits. My change is from the inside out. Before you can change anything about the outside you first need to make changes from the inside. And man let me tell you this process has not been easy but it has been so worth it. I’m not going to sit here and tell you I’m a changed woman because I’m not. I’m still working on myself. But I am more relaxed, my response to people is a lot better and my anxiety is real low. I’m not sure why this time it’s more of a change within myself, but I feel like this time I’m more willing to focus on me and my issues instead of other’s and their issues.