Recharging my batteries:

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One thing I know is that this year was hard, but one thing that I appreciate about this year is the fact that I need to make better time for myself. I have given so much to so many people and I need to give back to myself. I use to do self-care but have been slacking. I’m starting today by recharging my batteries. I’m always going and doing and I don’t take care of myself. Well hello, self I’m about to start taking better care of you.

Self-Care time:

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I realized that I have let my self-care go. I have been trying to make sure everyone else is getting what they need and are okay. But I just don’t seem to take care of myself enough. I have let me go for the sake of others. How often we forget our selves for the ones that we love. But we need to stop forgetting about ourselves. If we are not recharging then what can we offer someone else when we are on empty ourselves? It’s been hard but I’ve been operating on empty for too long. I have noticed that my peace and happiness I simply can’t give because I’m empty. I need to recharge and focus on myself. I’m working on me one day at a time for now on.