What’s on your 2023 reading list?:

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I have decided that I’m going to start reading this for my development. I started reading a book on how to save money and get out of debt. But I’m not going to stop reading for pleasure. I’m working on my personal development throughout this year and next. So what does your 2023 reading list look like?

Book box:

As many of you know I love to read. I did a blog post regarding book box subscriptions and the ones that I tried. Well, I’m back again to tell you about the book box subscription and the items that I got in it. I went back to blacklit.com for black history month. I love the fact that she uses small black business in your book box collection. It’s nice to see the different items that are put in this box. So first up is a tee-shirt that the owner of blacklit made. Love this shirt. Next, we have a spiced honey candle. This candle smells so good. I got two amazing books in this box. Which I can’t wait to read. There was also a bookmark and some bandages for the different skin tones of black people. I don’t get her book box every month but this is the second one that I have gotten and I love it.


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So last week I hardly read or worked on my book. I have been feeling like I’m in a slump when it comes to my book. I know that I can’t make things happen but sometimes I just don’t feel motivated about writing. I love to read and it seems like I have been in a slump with that as well. I hope that this week I can get out of this slump and get back to what I love to do. If you have ever been in a slump what do you do to get out of it?

Book review:

I love reading about other people’s journeys to get where they are at. This book took multiple peoples stories and helped us to see that without God the empty spaces will stay empty. It was a reminder to me that God wants a relationship with me. He wants me to always put him first. There is no obstacles I can’t overcome without him. This book is a beautiful collection of stories about how people put God first.

Book review: The couple next door:

Wow-what can I say. This book had me on my toes because from the beginning there are twists and turns. This book is about a kidnapping and one of the parents is involved in it for money. But trust me it’s more to it then what you think. This book I thought I had figured out, well I was wrong about it. This book was hard to put down because you wanted to know the truth about what happened to baby Cora. If you read this book please let me know.

Some books I enjoy:

I’ve been able to do a lot more reading this year. And I just want to share some of the books that I enjoy reading. This book has helped me with my relationship with God and myself. I’m learning that my dreams are not dead I just need to do my part so God can do his. Needing to heal and move on and discover my purpose. This book has given me a better outlook on what I need to do. I hope you enjoy this book as much as me.