How are you:

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How was your weekend? Mines was great. I bought some things for my mom for Mothers day. Yes I’m early I know. I watched Mortal Kombat with my family. The movie was so good. So I have a question for everyone. What would you like to work on this week? Whether personal or professional? Well for me it would be my attitude. I really need to get it together.

Just my thoughts:

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Two more months and 2021 will be here. Dealing with 2020 had my emotions and anxiety on high. Now COVID is up in Texas and they are still opening things up. It’s hard for me to wrap my mind around this. So now people who are on unemployment have to look for work again. Did I remind you that COVID is rising rapidly in my state and city? But what I don’t understand is why are we still putting people at risk? Why are we okay with the rising numbers and nothing is being done about it? I’m not going to lie this has me on edge. But I’m not the politicians. I hope they know what they are doing. People still go into stores without a mask. People still act like this virus is no big deal. To many people who don’t care about other people’s lives. It’s sad to me. People please be safe and think of others and not just yourself.


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So I have a question for all my writers and authors out there. So here is the question: When you have a rough draft who do you let read it? Do you find beta readers, friends or do you pay someone to read your rough draft? I’m in the process of wanting to have someone read my rough draft. But I’m at the point that I’m not sure if someone will read it to give me the feedback that I need or if someone is reading it to steal my story. So this is the question that I’m asking.