Summer days:

Some days I remember just like it was June
The sky was bright and so was the moon
My days as a kid was so carefree
I felt I could fly and just be me
But as the summer ended
And a season appeared
I could always count on
The bright sky and the stars being so clear


Here I am can’t you see me? What more must I do? I search for perfection but can’t find you. I shoot for the stars but end up weak. Can’t anyone see me or am I sleep? I’m aimlessly walking in search of what to find. I see only me but I’m back in time. Hello, can you see me? I’m right over here……why can’t no one see me, my eyes full of tears. You walk right past me without one word. Am I really invisible or just a blur? Hello, can you see where I am? I’m aimlessly wandering I’m invisible damn.