Pain in chest: Poem

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Don’t fight this feeling
This pain in my chest
I know that I’m right
But the problem went left
How do you hold on
Where do you turn
Life is so uncertain
One day you will learn
You can’t understand
Your pride in the way
Don’t fight the feeling
You have so much to say
Yes I have loved and lost at the same time
Where is the light which way does it shine
No matter how much you try to contain
The pain in your heart will never be the same
How do you lighten the load with so much pain
You can’t understand it it’s not the same
Don’t fight this feeling
This pain in your chest
Don’t fight the feeling
When nothing is left


I don’t know how to say this
So I’m just going to speak from the heart
I know that you were the man for me right from the start
Your love and support I took for granted from the start
I’ve been hurt so many times I couldn’t see the real from the fake
You’ve proven yourself to me, and I made the mistake of hurting your feelings and heart
You stayed by my side no matter how I tried to push you away
Your love is true and authenticates what more can I say
Can a man truly love a woman with so many flaws
You provide the answer is yes, and now I understand
What it feels like to be truly loved by a man
I want to say thank you for all the times you stuck by me
I’m lucky to have a man like you, who loves me through and through
No matter what happens in my life I know you will have my back
I’m glad God picked you to be just for me, no more blinders on my eyes can see
I finally know what true love looks like, I’m like a bird on a branch and I’m ready to take flight
So thank you again for being by my side no more doubts and fears when it comes to your love for me

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Let it start with me:

I imagine a life where there is light and love
No complications just honesty in the making
No taking from anyone you get it on your own
Where color is blind and we speak our minds
No shame no fear for love will cover it all
No more heartache and heartbreak
Just joy and peace
Less tension and harm where we all find peace
How do we get here I don’t know
But it will start with me and let my light show
Let it start with me this love and peace
And hate I hope will suddenly cease
Let it start with me no more shame
Let in the light, love and no more pain
Let it start with me let me be the example
Can you imagine a world so simple


I’m drifting and floating in the middle of the sea
Searching and praying that someone will find me
I’m lost in my thoughts and the reflection is deep
I’m lost in the sea and it’s just me
How do you reach to the bottom of my soul
I’m lost in my thoughts with nowhere to go
I’m struggling to make sense of all of this mess
I’m lost in the sea and I might be depressed
I’m floating and drifting with no destination in mind
I have lost a sense of reality and maybe even time
I’m here in the sea just me and my thoughts
Sometimes being alone is better than you thought


I’m a reflection of who I see in the mirror
My beauty is skin deep and the skin that I’m in is skin deep
Loving the women that I see in the mirror is just an image I see
See I’m a reflection of who I see, what lies beyond the mirror is me
I’m perfectly imperfect the reflection is me
Who is this the women that I see, and why is she staring at me
I love her smile and the sparkle in her eyes
The women I see in the mirror is me
I’m going to love you like never before and cherish the women that I see
The women looking back in the mirror is me


I’m drifting away why can’t you see
I’m not a lover or a fighter I’m just me
I’m drifting away you can’t come close
You lost me for good I’m not like most
I’m drifting away why can’t you see
You had a good thing but you didn’t believe in me
I’m drifting away you can’t see
I’m no longer yours I’m finally free