Crown: Poem

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Hey Queen don’t hold your head down
Hold your head up and let me fix your crown
We don’t know what you’ve been through
Keep your head high because your girls got you
Don’t let anyone rob you of your joy
They haven’t walked in your shoes so they can stop with the noise
Hold your head high and do you
Queen, you are beautiful and your crown looks good on you

Beautiful: Poem

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My black is beautiful
No matter what you say
My black is beautiful
In every single way
My black is beautiful
No need to shy away from me
My black is beautiful
I’m young and free
My black is beautiful
No more hate or shame
My black is beautiful
Please don’t judge the color of my skin
My black is beautiful
Must I say it again

Something real: Poem

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You have my heart so treat it right
You only get it for one night
They say love is patient love is kind
You need to take care of this heart of mine
What more do I have to do
To get you to love me too
What do they have that I lack
Is it beauty is it lust
I gave you my heart, but we lack trust
What more can I do
I told you how much I love you
I show you on a daily, but maybe
You need more than I can give
You have my heart but now you give
My reason to just wonder what I have been missing
All I want is true love, that’s all I seek
Another broken heart, how long will it heal
Just another women wanting something real

Love is blind: Poem

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I’m invisible but maybe I’m good
Love is not blind but my color should
I don’t feel like I fit in this world
You can be anything you want but just not that girl
Don’t give them anything to talk about
We are not invisible maybe we should
But what good would that do they are always better than you
Your color will always stand out to them
If you love me then you will understand
Will I come home when I walk out this door
I’m not invisible that is for sure
Love is not blind but my color should
Maybe black men would come back home
The fathers are missing and you don’t have a clue
No one is taking someone away from you
But still, you think is this okay
Is this really the Christian way
Is God okay when you pull that trigger
Does it make it right or is fear what you trigger
Keep us in our place is what you say
Love is not blind but black is not okay

Let me be honest: Poem

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Can I be honest and tell you how I feel
From the beginning, I have always been real
No matter the day the time of the year
I have always prayed for you and I always will
Love, life and hate is all around
When you leave I stop breathing because I don’t know if you will be around
There is so much killing, little regard for life
You’re a black man and I your black wife
If you don’t come home, no one will care
I’m left to deal with the pain that no one else has to bare
I thought love would be easy but it comes with so much pain
We are not equal and our life isn’t the same
I pose no threat yet you are afraid of me
I own no weapons but death is what you see
To say I’m scared is truth and facts
When killing is so easy especially if you’re black
No day we will all be equal you see but this is not easy because America is not free
My hair is to nappy, my lips too big
I have to be groomed for you in a certain way
No matter what I won’t be better than you
My life is pointless and you don’t have a clue
We will all be judged by what we did on Earth
We are all one for what it’s worth

I love you: Poem

Photo by Alina Vilchenko on

I love you yes I do
I love you because I am you
Some tried to break you
But you didn’t give in
You’re full of life and love
So please don’t let it end
I love you yes I do
I love you because I am you
Your laugh your joy it brings me peace
You’re full of love and very deep
You didn’t see yourself as beautiful but now you do
I love you because I am you
Understand that you are one of a kind
Your love is an understatement one of a kind
Please don’t let no one still your joy
I love you yes I do
I love you because I am you

Listen to me: Poem

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I’m just trying to have a conversation with you
But you don’t hear me and you say it’s not true
Stop trying to fix me and listen to my heart
I have so much to say but where do I start
You interrupt me like you know what I’m about to say
You can’t understand why you push me away
I feel like screaming to the top of my lungs
Are you finish are you done
You don’t know what it means to be friends
How do I start and where do I begin
You don’t see the pain deep in my heart
You use to always listen to me from the start
What has changed and what has gone wrong
I just need you to be my friend, so what went wrong
Stop trying to fix what’s not broken
My heart is on the verge of about to be broken
I don’t know how much more I can take
I use to love how you listen and supported me
But that’s all gone and there is no more of me

My struggle:

Photo by Anthony on

I struggle to see what I can not find
I struggle to remember that place in time
I struggle to see my self-worth
I struggle to feel I am enough
My struggle is real far from not
My struggle is beauty whether I have it or not
My struggle is love do you love me or not
My struggle is connection is it real or not
My struggle is me from far within
My struggle is real where do I begin
My struggle with friendships are they true or not
My struggle for self-worth do I love me or not
My struggle with fear goes to deep
My struggle with pain is why I can’t sleep
My struggle for trust has a lot to be desired
My struggle is real and not admired

Forgive me: Poem

Photo by Keegan Houser on

It’s killing me inside that our connection not the same
It’s my fault I know I was to blame
It hurts when I see you you just don’t understand
One selfish moment and it’s not the same man
I felt I was doing what was right for me
Never did I see it from your eyes
I thought I could be free
Free from the pain that I was dealt
Not free from leaving you was the pain I was dealt
If I could go back and do it over again things would be different
The pain would still be there but at least you would know
I will hold you down for life no matter where I go
I always was there just one call away
It wasn’t the same and in time things felt hard in away
I know my choices didn’t make any sense
You were always important and in sense
I will always live with the pain that I put you through
If I could go back in time I would be with you
I should have thought of you not my pain
I know it’s true, I’ve said I’m sorry so many times
I can’t redo the past, but in time I hope you forgive me
for what I’ve done
My love has never wavered not even one time
You all mean so much to me
If I could go back in time I would still be here
The pain would be mine to bear but at least I have you
One day I hope you will forgive as I will try to forgive myself
You matter so much to me I hope you understand

Don’t leave me here:

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Follow me here
Don’t leave me alone
My heart is on my sleeve
And I’m all alone
No love no shame
I have played all the games
No more tears no more lies
I’ve cried enough yet more tears fall
Follow me here
Love is all I have
Follow me here
Don’t leave me alone
Fear and sorrow but now it’s gone
Follow me here
Don’t leave me alone
Alone and now I’m gone