Who do you think you are:

Who am I you ask? I’m an amazing woman. I have flaws and I’m not perfect. My mouth can be slick sometimes. But please don’t take it personal. My goofy and I love to laugh. I can have an attitude but that’s life. But I’m loyal to a fault. I’m the friend who will stick by you until you cross the line. I love my family and life. So that’s who I am. Don’t ever stop being you and loving you. So when people say who do you think you are. Let them know.

Hey sis:

Hey sis I see you. Don’t stop smiling, loving and laughing. You are strong and beautiful. Don’t let society tell you you’re worth. You are awesome and amazing. Shine sis shine. Keep your head and glow. Show the world the best you possible. I see you sis.

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So I have a question for you. Do you believe that when you are in a relationship with someone that one person loves or does more than the other person? I would say that’s true. I have been that person past and present and I wonder why. I don’t know if it’s what I have seen growing up or just in me period. I’ve always been a giver and I always want to make sure that people know that I care. Maybe in some ways, that’s a good thing, but I have seen it where people do take advantage of you because you are nice and kind. But does it matter who much or how little you do for someone?

Oh happy day:

This year has had its fair share of ups and downs. But this month things are certainly looking up. I have been out of work for a year and 3 months. I would apply for jobs just for them to tell me I’m overqualified or they were not hiring at the time. It got very discouraging and I would often hear people stating that people on unemployment are lazy and not looking for work. Well, I will say this, I was not one of them. I don’t like sitting at home with anything to do. I have goals and things that I want to do and that takes money. I’m happy to say that I got a job this week and I start on Monday. I had to learn in this time that I asked God to give me a job that I can grow at. A job that cares about its employees and something close to home. God gave me that and more. I just had to be patient when all the doors around me were closing. Not every door is meant to go through and I was blessed that God never let us go without. If you know anything about living off of one income it can be tough. I’m truly grateful for my husband and him being the main provider during this time. I haven’t been on unemployment in like 15 years and I was only on it for a month. It can be a lot and people don’t understand that because they are not on the other side of the situation. All I have to say is that I’m glad that God answered my prayers. We have never been in a pandemic like this before and before people start judging one another please take a walk in someone else’s shoes.

What’s the new normal?:

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What is the new normal now? I mean I remember what life was like before the pandemic. Now we have some people who have been vaccinated and some who haven’t. We have a new variant out that is killing and putting people back in the hospital. So what is the new normal? To wear a mask or not to wear a mask that is the question. I’m not going to lie I move differently now. Even though I’m fully vaccinated this is my new normal. I don’t want to be in crowds anymore. There are people who don’t care about getting other people sick. It just feels like a reckless time. So what now? Will there be more variants? How are we to live our lives? So what is the new normal? I guess it’s whatever you make of it really.

Don’t stop dreaming:

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It’s been a while since I allowed myself to just dream. I have dreams but I have placed them on hold. I use to daydream all the time and I guess I have let myself stop dreaming. I’m not sure why I have allowed myself to do that. But it’s okay to dream again. It’s okay to want to do things that may seem impossible. We all have dreams but it is up to us whether or not they come true. Your dream may be small or big, but the point is to never stop dreaming. I know since this pandemic there have been people who had dreams and made them come true. I on the other hand had put my dream to the side for a while. No matter where you are in life right now, never let your dream die. Dream again because you never know where that dream will take you.