Life lesson’s:

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I’m a huge action speaks louder than words person. But what I haven’t been doing is truly listening to the words. I can see someone’s actions, but I neglect to truly hear them. And now my ears are wide open, but the words that have come out of another person’s mouth don’t match their actions. I had to step back and take a long look at myself and wonder how long have I been missing the signs in other people? I’m more focused on the action but neglected the words. Whoa, I feel like a fool. I use to look at the actions and words but when you trust someone you don’t question that anymore. Or so I thought. But honestly, maybe I should have been questioning everything all the time. I wonder how long I have been naive? I wonder how long it would have taken me to truly understand that maybe you are not who you thought you were to someone! We all grow and learn but sometimes you trust someone so much that these things you just stop questioning. My conclusion to this is that you should never stop questioning things no more how comfortable you get with someone.