Photo by Rahul on Pexels.com

I enjoy my new job so far. Well, I wouldn’t say it’s new I’ve been here for a while. I’m still learning and training. But something rubbed me the wrong way at work. It’s interesting that when your learning a new job people will praise you for how quickly you are catching on or how well you are doing. But as soon as you make a mistake they can make you feel like shit. Well, this happens to me last week. And the crazy part about it was that the same person who was giving me shit about it made a mistake and no one made her feel like shit. We are all going to make mistakes and the purpose is to learn from them. But when we go as far as to make someone feel low well that’s a level I would never want anyone else to feel. Why do we do that? Why didn’t anyone make her feel bad when she made a huge mistake? Maybe because we were giving her grace. What happened to cutting someone some slack? What happened to being able to come to someone with respect? I feel like it’s so easy to criticize someone through email. I was hurt not gonna lie and it made me even doubt the job that I was doing. But when you are still new you’re going to make mistakes. You could be with a company for 30 years and you’re still going to make mistakes. At that moment it taught me to not doubt myself and not to let people get to me. I’m not perfect but when people walk around like they are well. I needed to speak better to myself that day. And going forward I will.