Healthy boundaries:

I’m learning a hard but necessary lesson. I need to learn how to create healthy and necessary boundaries. I felt like I was fine in this area. But this weekend taught me a very valuable lesson. I need to learn how to create boundaries. This was a hard and painful lesson to learn. I have started reading a book about boundaries. How many of you are struggling to create boundaries? And if you’re not what are some healthy boundaries you have created?

Check in with you often:

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It’s the year of taking care of me. My kids are all grown and I have spent years neglecting myself. When the pandemic hit so did my anxiety and other things that I was dealing with. I’m not sure about you but neglecting yourself is not the way to go. My mental health took a toll and I felt like something had to give. So I took inventory of my life and I found the things that I have been neglecting in me. I found things that I needed to work on and I found books that are helping me do things differently. I’m not where I wanna be but I’m way better than before. I have decided that every month I’m going to check in with myself to see how I’m doing. What I can I improve on and what’s not working. This has really helped me to do a reset in my life. Check on yourself often. You’re worth it.

What are you doing?:

What are you doing today to better yourself? Are you still trying to figure out how to get rest, exercise and do work around the house? How about taking some time each day to focus on yourself. Take a bath and let the family know it’s your time and not to disturb you. At lunch go for a short walk to clear your mind. Grab a book at read for five minutes. You have to focus in yourself sometimes. The world and your family will function a lot better with a healthy you. Let’s take time out for ourselves this week.

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