What’s your worth?:

Why is it that we can work a job and the employer can tell you how much your worth. But you can’t can see your own value? Oh yes please understand I’m talking to myself also. We can search for value and significance in others but not ourselves? Why is it? Do we not see ourselves as important, valuable? Do we not see ourselves as someone who brings something to the table? What is your worth? More importantly how do you see yourself? How loved are you from yourself? How much time do you spend building yourself up? Do you take the time to work on the hard areas in your life? Our are you to busy? How about working on your past to make your future better? Yet again I ask you your worth? It’s not about others opinion of you. It’s your opinion of you that holds value. So how much are you worth?

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Tomorrow isn’t promised:

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I watched a funeral yesterday and it broke my heart. I don’t know what I would do if I lost my husband. I don’t know how I would be so calm and okay. I’m not saying that the wife was okay. But you could imagine that she was a peace with the passing of her husband. I know that I have faith but I don’t know if my faith would be strong enough to be at peace with the passing of my husband. I’m not going to sit here and say that my marriage is perfect because it’s not. It will be 11 years this month that I have been married to my husband. And each year get’s better and I appreciate him more than he will ever know. I’ve heard a lot of single people say that marriage looks easy. But honey it’s not, it’s work and the work isn’t easy. What you put into it is what you’re going to get out of it. But right now I can’t imagine a life without him. Sometimes we don’t truly understand how blessed we are until something happens. I make sure to tell my husband that I love him and show him daily. I never want him to question if I love him. Please appreciate what you have because one day they won’t be here. Love like there is no tomorrow.

Love story:

We all want that perfect love story. A happy ever after. But what if you’re love story looks like stress and mess? What if you’re spouse works every last nerve you have? Is there a perfect love story? What if you grew up in a home where there was divorce. And you never witness there love story? What if you try to model from your friends there love story? Would that work? Probably not because you’re not them. I have often wonder what a perfect love story would look like for me. But the more I dream it the less I can see it. Im a flawed women married to a flawed man. Lord knows there are things that I wish I could change about him. And I’m quite sure there are things he wished he could change about me. I have heard people say is a love story really worth it? I would like to say it is. But who am I? I haven’t even written my love story. Maybe they don’t exist but one could hope. Maybe some stories are not worth writing. Maybe some stories not worth telling. Maybe love is just meant to be kept inside. I don’t know. Maybe one day I will have a love story to tell.

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Who do you think you are:

Who am I you ask? I’m an amazing woman. I have flaws and I’m not perfect. My mouth can be slick sometimes. But please don’t take it personal. My goofy and I love to laugh. I can have an attitude but that’s life. But I’m loyal to a fault. I’m the friend who will stick by you until you cross the line. I love my family and life. So that’s who I am. Don’t ever stop being you and loving you. So when people say who do you think you are. Let them know.

About yesterday:

Yesterday was pretty amazing. It was my husband birthday. I can’t thank him enough for his love and commitment to me. How do you thank and celebrate someone who has been there for you? I love birthdays and celebrating with others. It’s amazing how many birthdays I have celebrated with him. And every year it gets better. I have seen social media post that bash men. I have seen women getting spoiled by men but not doing the same in return. I’m going to celebrate my husband and spoil him every birthday and every day. If you have someone amazing and if you knew our story then you know that this love is solid. So ladies please go out of your way to spoil and love on your man. We need men to know how important they are in our lives. We can celebrate them without it being there birthday. But let’s celebrate them more. They spoil us so let’s do the same.

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Taking me back:

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I have never felt like I should concentrate solely on myself because I felt like that was selfish. But let me tell you it’s not selfish at all. And maybe I should get more selfish with myself honestly. But I’m learning to love the hell out of myself. I feel like I have more pep in my step. This girl is beautiful, bold, and full of life. I haven’t felt this way since I was a junior in high school. It took me a long time to get here and I refuse to go back. I’m not about to let anyone take me back to doubting myself ever again. So world watch out this lady is making moves and holding her head high. I have dreams and goals that I’m wanting to accomplish. I have been everything to everyone else but myself and now it’s my turn. Love yourself and never let anyone take that away from you. You are worth more than you think.