Love language:

One thing for sure is that my husband and I speak different love languages. When we took this test maybe 5 years ago I know exactly what my love language was then. It has always been physical touch and when I took the test almost 5 years ago that was correct. But as time goes by and we grow so does our love language. I told my husband that I missed it when he use to buy me cards or write me letters. They meant so much to me, but he doesn’t do that anymore. He felt like my love language was still physical touch. I was irritated one day because I always seem to be encouraging others but when I needed the encouragement I had no one to give it to me. And an idea came to me, what if my love language has changed and I’m upset because my husband isn’t giving me what I need. How can he give me something when he thinks I’m still with the same love language. Well, I took the survey and sent him the link as well and I wasn’t surprised to see that my love language had changed. I showed my husband the results and he understood why I was so needed when it came to words of affirmation. It’s interesting because my husband’s love language has changed as well. His is quality time and we were both in the old love language trying to give each other what we don’t need anymore. This test has helped us to be very mindful of what we both need and how to speak each other’s love language. What is your love language?