Wisdom Wednesday:

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It’s time to look at the people in our circle. Spring is here so it’s time to do some spring cleaning when it comes to the people in our circle. It’s time to let some friendships go. Who is hanging around you just because you have what they want? Who is your YES friend but won’t ever tell you when you are wrong? How about that friend that’s only around when they want something? You know we all have these types of friends. This is just a small list but it’s time to let some of these people go. You need people in your circle who are genuine and will celebrate with you. You need people in your life who will call you out when you’re doing wrong. It’s time to spring clean your circle of friends, just me it’s time to let go of people who have no benefit in your life.

My journey:

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I was messaged by several people wanting to know how I started my journey of healing and just getting to where I am now. Well, the first thing you have to do is get tired of doing the same thing and getting the same results. I had to decide that enough was enough. I started journaling and then made a decision that I needed extra help so I found a counselor and she made all the difference. I had to change my mindset and how I allowed people to treat me. I also had to value myself and love myself. But most of all I had to be committed to making a better me and sticking with the plan that I had made for myself. There were different books that I read that also helped me along the way. But you are important and taking care of yourself is just as important as well. Start somewhere and decide to stick to whatever plan you make for yourself. Trust me you can’t go wrong.

My journey to peace and joy:

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Good Sunday morning everyone. I want to talk to you all about peace and joy. I had been going through some things for about 4 years now. And people would have thought that I had peace and joy but I didn’t. It’s so easy to fake and hide how you feel from other people. I’ve always been good at masking my feelings, but something had to give and quickly. I started going to counseling to deal with my feelings and what was going on. That helped me so much at the time. She gave me tools to help me and I’m at a place that I never thought that I would be at. I had to take some hard looks at my life and who was in my life. Was I okay with how things were going? Why did I put up with certain things? Just because we are friends and family doesn’t mean you can treat me a certain way. There were so many things that I had to figure out and it wouldn’t be overnight. But once you start putting in the work for yourself you start to see changes. And you can’t give up or give in either. You have to stick to your plan because you have to understand you are just as important as anyone else. I didn’t value myself or even love myself like I thought I did. I was so busy making sure others were okay and had what they needed from me, that I didn’t even give myself what I needed. Fast forward to now. When I smile it’s genuine. When I laugh it’s from the heart and sincere. When I tell you that I have worked so hard to get to where I am and I refuse to let anyone take that from me. My peace and joy took me a long time to find and I have found them. I’m still not done doing the work myself but the results so far are amazing. I have read so many blogs, Instagram posts, and Facebook posts about people wanting to make a change and how it’s hard. Yes, it’s going to be hard but you have to start somewhere if you want to change your life. No one is going to do the work for you. You have to commit to doing better for yourself. When will you put yourself first? When will you change? Listen if this is you start today. Start by journaling your feelings. Start by asking yourself the hard questions. Start by googling books that can help you with what you’re going through. Start by looking for a therapist if that’s what you need. But the main thing is to start somewhere. Don’t give up on yourself or put yourself to the side. You wouldn’t do that for anyone else so why would you do that to yourself? Peace and joy take time but when you find it you will know that it was worth putting in the work.

Wisdom Wednesday:

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Good morning,
I just wanted to stop by and make sure that you were taking care of yourself. If not then why not? You are just as important as anyone else. So on this wisdom Wednesday please take the time to take care of yourself. You are loved so take care of yourself please. Have a great Wednesday.

Keep your head up:

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No matter what you are going through never give up. Keep pushing and know that you are going to have an awesome outcome. So many people are going through things and it’s so easy to want to give up. But keep going. This is my pep talk daily. No matter what please keep your head up and keep going. You are stronger than you know. You are doing awesome just know that trouble doesn’t last always.

A new day:

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Good morning everyone. A new day and a new week. Means new possibilities. We all have a chance to do something new each week. Meaning we can start a new and healthy change in our lives. You can start working on a project that you have put off for years. You can call or text someone that has been on your mind for days. You can look for ways to help others out. A new week is full of amazing possibilities. We should never limit ourselves or think that we can’t do something because we don’t have the time. It’s a new week and a new day what do you want to start doing now?

Life lesson’s:

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There are always blessings in lessons. And I know that trouble doesn’t last always. And even though this week isn’t up I have learned some hard lessons. But they have also become a blessing. There will always be people who let any type of power or title go to their heads. And they enjoy using that power to make people feel small and powerless. They don’t care who they hurt as long as they are getting what they want. I have had a week from well you know where. And this week isn’t over with but my problem is over with. When you try your best to do your job and someone makes your job ten times harder than it should be, you start to think is it me? This person who wasn’t even my boss nor worked in my department made my life miserable and she did everything in her power to let me know she didn’t care how I felt. No matter how many times I went to management she always won well because she thought she was making my department better but instead she made it worse. I often wonder when people get into a position of power do they ever think about when they were new? When they were starting? How were they treated? But I learned my lesson that sometimes you have to be the bigger person and I wasn’t but we all have times when enough is enough. Life is way too short to be okay with workplace bullying and intimidation. Life is full of lessons and I will always be learning.

How are you?

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How are you doing? No really how are you doing? So many times when I ask people how are you doing, they always say that they’re fine. But in reality, they are not fine, they just don’t want to burden us. Well please burden me. I want to be that listening ear. I want to be the person that you can reach out to for support. So many times especially us women we just say we are fine. But in reality, we need someone to listen to us. A shoulder to lean on. We need to hear the words girl I got you. We will get through this together. So many people are dying in silence because they don’t want to burden others. This used to be me, but not anymore. Get with someone that you trust and who has your back. If you don’t have anyone I’m here for you. Please reach out because no one should ever suffer in silence. So how are you doing?

Are you living or just existing?

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Are you living or just existing? So many of us are just existing because we don’t know what it’s like to fully live. And yes I’m speaking about myself on this one. What does it truly mean to live a life that you have always wanted and dreamed about? I’m not sure. Some may think you have to have a certain amount of money. Some may feel like it’s how many vacations you take. But for me truly living is doing what I love and going where I want. I feel like I’m just existing because I’m bound to a job that is okay. It doesn’t fulfill me it’s just a means to make money. What would I love to be doing? Now that’s a great question. I want to help others, and do things that make me happy with no time restrictions or make someone else rich. I want to live and right now that is so important to me at this moment. But back to my main question. Are you living or just existing?

Don’t stop dreaming:

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How many of us are living a life full of dreams that we are doing nothing about? In the last book that I read called More to Life. It really made me think about my life and what I want to do. I have spent so many years being a wife and mother that I have placed my dreams on the shelf. So many things that I want to do, but now I feel like is it too late. Am I too old? What if my dreams are just plain silly? This book had me thinking that we give so much of ourselves to others that we don’t take the time to give to ourselves in the same way. Why is that? Are we not just as important? Do let your dreams sit on a shelf somewhere and die. Dust those dreams off no matter how old they may be. And you are never to old to stop dreaming.