Ladies I’m talking to you:

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Ladies, I’m talking to you today. Why do we dim our light to let others shine? That business idea was yours but you let your friend take the lead. You don’t want the spotlight so you let someone else shine and now the relationship or business is not the same. Ladies, why do we let other people ride our coattails? You know that they don’t like you but you let them in your circle anyway. Honey, why are you not protecting your peace? Why are you letting others stress you all the way out? Ladies, we need to do better to be better for ourselves. There is nothing wrong with helping a friend out. There is nothing wrong with sharing ideas. But there is something wrong if it doesn’t bring you peace. We are so busy lifting so many other people, but how about you lift and applaud yourself sometimes? Come on ladies we must do better. I’m cheering you on. You got this.