New month, more kindness:

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It’s a new month and I hope that everyone is doing good. I have been good. I’m not where I want to be, but that’s okay. I have read so many stories about people who are seeking to do better and be better in their lives. And to be honest I feel like that is what we all should be striving for every day. Your smile could brighten someone’s day. Just asking a stranger how they are doing could make their day better. I know we live in a world where things are pretty bad. But that doesn’t mean that we can’t be kind. Kindness doesn’t cost you anything but time. I was at the store and I saw a lady who had a sign that said needing food. It broke my heart because that could have been me or someone that I loved. I’m unemployed but the cash that I had on me I gave to her. And I saw the looks of people who were looking at me like I did something wrong. But you don’t know that when I gave her the four dollars how she cried. I don’t think this lady was scamming anyone, I believe that she genuinely needed help. And it was at that moment that other people came and handed her money. Sadly, judgment can make you feel a certain way about yourself. But it takes one person who cares that will make all the difference. My hope this month is that we will all use kindness as are motto. You may not want to give money to someone homeless, but you can do small things. I know that everyone will be with family and friends today, but take the time to be intentional about your conversations with people. Be intentional with your smile and be genuine in the things that you do for others. I hope everyone has a great day.


I have noticed that a lot more people are struggling this year. So many people have died and others are taking their own lives. I have seen people divorce and separate like never before. We as people are so quick to judge and give our own opinion. But how about being kind to someone. How about being a listening ear. A shoulder to lean on. So many people are still out of work and just barely making it. Before we judge how about we speak kindness and not judge. How about we be someone safe space. We are all going through something but kindness can go a long way. Let’s make the world better with more kindness and less judgements.

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