My journey:

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I was messaged by several people wanting to know how I started my journey of healing and just getting to where I am now. Well, the first thing you have to do is get tired of doing the same thing and getting the same results. I had to decide that enough was enough. I started journaling and then made a decision that I needed extra help so I found a counselor and she made all the difference. I had to change my mindset and how I allowed people to treat me. I also had to value myself and love myself. But most of all I had to be committed to making a better me and sticking with the plan that I had made for myself. There were different books that I read that also helped me along the way. But you are important and taking care of yourself is just as important as well. Start somewhere and decide to stick to whatever plan you make for yourself. Trust me you can’t go wrong.

I hope:

I hope everyone had a great weekend. I pray that whatever you have been praying for happens this week. I 🙏 that God opens a door for you. I 🙏 that you have peace this week. I 🙏 that the world isn’t so loud that you don’t hear from God. I 🙏 that a marriage is restored and friendships are mended. I pray you have a great week.

Doing the work:

This year has been super crazy for me. But I’m working on myself and bettering me. But while I’m doing the work I have also noticed my husband doing the work on himself as well. Our communication, friendship and love for one another has went to another level. Im so grateful to have someone who wants to better himself. We all go through seasons in life. And if you’re not changing then you’re staying the same. Trust me when I say this journey is amazing. And to be doing it with my husband is the icing on the cake. Im learning to do so many things differently and better. Im glad to be doing this journey with someone amazing.

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Letting go:

On my journey, I’ve had to make some hard decisions. But these decisions are what is best for me. 1. I can’t be everything that people need me to be. 2. If you ask for my advice and don’t take it, I’m okay. I can’t make you take my advice but whatever decision you make it’s on you. 3. If you think you know more than me okay. If your younger than me and feel like you have lived a life that you know more then I guess you do. 4. I’m not holding back. I’m going to say exactly how I feel for now on. You can tell me how you feel but I don’t think that I won’t anymore. 5. I’m not okay with not being enough. For now on I see myself as enough. Always and forever. 6. My happiness doesn’t depend on you. My happiness depends on me.
See I’m learning to let people do them because I’m going to do me. I can’t baby my kids anymore. I can’t be a friend to people who don’t want to be a friend to me. I can’t be a good communicator to my husband if he doesn’t listen. My chest was very heavy but not anymore. I cried and prayed too long for this pain to be removed. And it finally happened. I’m not going back to the pain and heaviness anymore. I refuse to be anything and anyone less than myself. My self-talk is different. My love for myself is different. I’m different. I’m on this journey to do better and be better every day.

New journey:

I’m on this new journey of learning how to breathe, forgive and let things go. I’m not very good at forgiveness but this is much needed in my life. To many things are weighing me down. Life is to short to do the same things and get the same results. After last Sunday I need to find my joy and happiness. I have to move on in order to heal and let love truly in. One step at a time. One day at a time.