It’s that time again:

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As some of you know I dealt with some health issues earlier last year. And no they were not COVID related. One of the issues I had was with my breast. So I had to have a mammogram earlier than I usually get it. Come to find out I had two cysts on both breasts and I had a bunch of fatty tissue that was causing my pain. My oncologist suggested the Evening Primose Oil for my fatty tissue and it helped. My cyst eventually went away. But women I know with what is going on right now it’s still important to get our mammograms ( If you over 40 or have a history of breast cancer either in the family or with yourself). I have a family history of breast cancer and I’m in my early 40’s so I must get this done yearly. I’m headed to get my mammogram this morning. Ladies, please don’t neglect your health your so important. Take the time to schedule your necessary appointments.

Change in 2021:

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The other thing that I want to change is my eating and exercise habits need to change. Yes, I’m a little in size but I need better eating habits. I walk and do some workouts but I want it to be daily and have some type of routine. I want to lead a better lifestyle. Less stress and worry. Do you struggle with eating right and exercise?

Sea moss update:

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I have been getting quite a few questions sent to me about the sea moss. I have endometriosis and it’s very painful. I get cyst on my ovaries all the time. I have taken medication to help with the pain, but nothing has worked. So I had heard about sea moss and never knew anyone who had endometriosis who has used it. But I wanted to try it because it has so many benefits. And since I have been using it I have no pain from my endometriosis and I haven’t had any cyst on my ovaries. I put it in my tea in the mornings and you can’t taste it. I love it.

Seamoss review:

Well, I have heard about sea moss before and I never really knew what people were using sea moss for. But then I got educated on the benefits of sea moss and how it helps your body. I have endometriosis and the pain and cramping are painful. But since I’ve been using the sea moss the pain and cramping have gone away. I’ve also noticed that I’m about to have a better bowel movement and that I a lot more energy. I don’t use sea moss every day and I probably should. But I love it and all it’s benefits. If you are interested in trying sea moss here is the Instagram page that I get my sea moss from. I didn’t buy this from someone I didn’t know. I know the person who makes and sells the sea moss. Trust me I’m not that brave to buy something like this from someone I don’t know. The Instagram page is If you have tried it let me know what you think.

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Health update:

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Well, yesterday didn’t go as I thought it would. To be honest I wasn’t sure what to expect. Well, let me tell you what’s going on. The other night I felt a lump in my left breast and I was having pain. So I saw my doctor yesterday and she is sending me to an oncologist. Now it doesn’t mean I have breast cancer, but something is going on with my breast. Please keep me in prayer. Not worried because whatever it is or not I can handle it. Thanks

A change of heart:

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Time to clean up this heart of mines. It’s time to release something that I have been holding on to. It’s time to let go of old baggage and get me right again. I’ve noticed that I haven’t been vulnerable to the people closet to me. I’ve been holding on to a lot of baggage that has weighed me down. I haven’t been talking about the things that I’ve been dealing with because I don’t want to burden people and because I thought that I was strong enough to handle things. But it’s time to cleanse this heart and soul. It’s time to get my heart back right. I’m about to make some serious changes in my life and how I let others treat me. I’m about to get serious about releasing stress, self-care and truly loving me. I’m about to let it all go away. When your tired of all the weight that has been on your heart it’s time to release it. I’m ready for a better me and life. It’s time to take my heart back.

Final health update:

I just wanted to update you on my health. My stress test and sonogram came back normal. I have inflammation not sure how it started but I’m researching foods to eat that help with inflammation. I’m not sure if this is something that I’m going to have long term. I’m just glad that it wasn’t something more serious. Thank you so much for all of your thoughts and prayers. This has been a long and exhausting journey.

Health update:

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I just wanted to update you on my health. Yesterday I went to see the cardiologist and I have to wear a heart monitor for two weeks. I also have to have a stress test and sonogram done on my heart next week. The doctor thinks I have inflammation and I may have fluid around my heart. I have to call my insurance company today to see how much this is going to cost me. I may have to cancel my appointment if it is too much. I’ll keep you posted. Thanks