Let’s match energy:

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I hear the saying that I match energy so much. I’m not going to lie when someone makes me mad I match energy as well. But what if we match energy with our dreams and goals? What if we match energy when it comes to friendships and relationships? When someone makes us mad we bark back and put forth so much energy letting them know how we feel. But what about our personal lives? How about the relationship that you should have ended years ago but you are still in because you want to be with someone? How about putting energy into the job you really want to do? How about showing up for the people who always show up for you? How about putting forth energy to work on your mental health? How about matching energy when it comes to your dreams? Let’s turn all of this negative energy into something positive and productive. As much energy as you pour into a job, you don’t like, how about putting that same energy into something that you do like? Let’s match some positive energy this week.

Change is always good:

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I’m more determined than ever to not fall down this rabbit hole again. I had to take a good hard look at myself and say what is it that I want? And if I want it so bad then why am I not working on it? Yeah hard conversations with yourself can bring out the best in you. So I was determined to do something about that. So I have found books that are going to help me get where I want to be when it comes to money, self, and other things. I have also been tapping into my creative side. Which I didn’t know that I had until a couple of years ago. There are so many things that I want to do and so many things that I want to change so right here and right now I have been doing that. I have looked up courses to take to help me in many areas of my life. Why didn’t I start this sooner? Well, there is no time like the present and no need to cry over spilled milk now. Having goals and doing things to reach your goals are so fulfilling. I use to tell people my hopes and dreams and I stopped because I got tired of all the negative I would hear. Now when things happen they are like I knew you could do it. Yeah yeah but that’s people though. Trust me when I say I’m about to crash some major goals in 2023. I will keep you updated but only when it happens.

1 year goals:

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I know that at the beginning of the year so many people make goals. Well, I’m about to make a goal in the middle of the year. I’m about to make a one-year goal. People make long-term and short-term goals all the time. And I feel like for me long-term goals work the best. So I have written some things that I want to accomplish this time next year. I have set realistic expectations for my goals. I want to push and stretch myself further than I ever have. I want to be more disciplined in my life when it comes to myself and the things that I want to accomplish. It’s time for me to grow in areas that I have let sit and areas that I have let die in my life. Time to get out of my comfort zone and stretch myself in ways that scare me. Let’s see how much I can accomplish in one year.


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How many of you have monthly goals that you write down? I use to do this and then slacked off. But I’m determined to start back again because it kept me on track. So for August, I’m creating a new list of monthly goals that I want to accomplish. It doesn’t have to be done in a month but I want to get back on track with my goals. So how are your monthly goals going? So here is my August list:

  1. Have more me-time
  2. Work on paying off debt
  3. Write at least 10 mins a day for book
  4. Have more date nights/ days with the hubby
  5. Work out at least 4 days

So those are my August goals.

Working on my goals:

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I wrote out some goals that I would like to accomplish this year, but none of them have been met. I wanted the rough draft of my book to be finished next month, but I’m not even halfway done. Life has taken the joy out of writing or maybe I have allowed life to take the joy out of it. But as I work on self-love and self-care I need to get back to doing what brought me joy and that is writing my book. We all have a story to tell and everyone’s story is so important. I’m going to take the time to take care of me and love me the right way. I’m going to get back to the things that brought me so much joy. I’m going to complete my rough draft of my book this year.

Let’s be realistic:

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I was the type of person who made yearly goals and when they seemed so out of reach I started making monthly goals. But I must admit I have been slacking in this area. I have neglected what I need to do because I had lost some motivation. But I know now that I don’t need to make unrealistic goals that I may not be able to reach. I have this huge expectation that I have to do so much with so little time. And I have noticed that when I rush and don’t take my time I end up going back to fix all the mistakes that I have made. I use to have like ten to fifteen goals on my list, but not anymore. I have to be more realistic in the future and even now. I need to understand that there are somethings that will just take longer and that I need to focus on myself a lot more. Things will get done and Rome was not built in a day. 2021 will be the year that realistic me gets things done. Just because you set the bar high doesn’t mean you have to stress about getting everything done. Set small goals and watch yourself crush them. Baby steps are what I’m taking.

October goals:

Welcome to a new month. I’m starting this month out with some new goals.

  1. To work more on my book
  2. To blog a little less
  3. To spend more time with my family
  4. To have a lot more me days
  5. To not let this election stress me out
  6. To read more books
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I’m committed to working on my goals each month. I figure if I write out what I intend to do each month, it will help me get more things done. So what are your goals for this new month?


The year 2020 is fast approaching and I have decided to change the way I look at the new year. People make New Year resolutions and some stick to them while others don’t. Well, this year I decided to work on somethings in my life that are very important to me.

  1. Marriage- I love being married and I want to strengthen my marriage. So many people give up on marriage because it’s not how they want it. But being married to your best friend is the greatest thing in the world. I want my marriage healthy and successful.
  2. Family- I love my family and I need to be more intentional about spending time with them. I need to call more and make sure I check on everyone.
  3. Happiness- I going to make sure that my happiness is a priority this year. I’m always putting me last and well this year I’m not going to be last. My happiness is very important to me.
  4. Love- I love to love and I’m going to express and show it more. Just saying you love someone isn’t always enough in my opinion. 
  5. Life- I’m going to enjoy life more. I feel like sometimes I’m concentrating on things that don’t even matter. I’m going to take time out to smell the roses more. 

These are the areas of importance to me for the rest of 2019 into 2020. I want to focus on what’s important to me then making unrealistic goals. What are your 2020 goals?