October goals:

Welcome to a new month. I’m starting this month out with some new goals.

  1. To work more on my book
  2. To blog a little less
  3. To spend more time with my family
  4. To have a lot more me days
  5. To not let this election stress me out
  6. To read more books
Photo by Polina Zimmerman on Pexels.com

I’m committed to working on my goals each month. I figure if I write out what I intend to do each month, it will help me get more things done. So what are your goals for this new month?


The year 2020 is fast approaching and I have decided to change the way I look at the new year. People make New Year resolutions and some stick to them while others don’t. Well, this year I decided to work on somethings in my life that are very important to me.

  1. Marriage- I love being married and I want to strengthen my marriage. So many people give up on marriage because it’s not how they want it. But being married to your best friend is the greatest thing in the world. I want my marriage healthy and successful.
  2. Family- I love my family and I need to be more intentional about spending time with them. I need to call more and make sure I check on everyone.
  3. Happiness- I going to make sure that my happiness is a priority this year. I’m always putting me last and well this year I’m not going to be last. My happiness is very important to me.
  4. Love- I love to love and I’m going to express and show it more. Just saying you love someone isn’t always enough in my opinion. 
  5. Life- I’m going to enjoy life more. I feel like sometimes I’m concentrating on things that don’t even matter. I’m going to take time out to smell the roses more. 

These are the areas of importance to me for the rest of 2019 into 2020. I want to focus on what’s important to me then making unrealistic goals. What are your 2020 goals?