Goodbye past:

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My problem has always been that I’m trying to not redo my past. But that’s not the real problem. The real problem is I keep looking back to my past. The past is the past for a reason. Why do I keep looking back to it? It is because of the people in my past? Is it because I’m not over my past? I believe it’s a combination of both. I can’t fully see my future if I’m always looking back. I can’t truly let go of things if I’m looking in the rearview mirror. So much of me has been consumed by my past and the things that I need to let go of. How can I truly heal and lead a life that I want if I’m consistently looking back? I have great memories from my past but I also have great hurts. And instead of focusing on the great memories, I linger on the hurt. The hurt does nothing to project me forward in my future. I should have been so much further ahead by now. But I’m not because I can’t look at two places at once. Either I’m going to concentrate on my future or I’m going to dwell on my past. It seems like an easy choice but so many times we make the wrong decision. But I’m not going down that path anymore. I have given too much time and energy to my past. So goodbye past it’s not me it’s you. Hello, future I’m so sorry I didn’t concentrate on you sooner. I promise to give you my undivided attention from now on. Future I’m ready to keep an open heart and mind about you. Let’s begin this journey.

Let’s talk:

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I hope everyone is having a great day today. Well, tomorrow is election day and if you didn’t early vote I hope you plan on voting tomorrow. It doesn’t matter who you vote for please go out and vote. I know that some people may say yes it does matter who you vote for. But let’s be honest we are always going to disagree on any topic. No one running is perfect let’s just get that out of the way. But at the end who do you feel like will make a difference? Who do you feel like will bring about change? There have been so many debates and quite honestly I can’t wait for tomorrow to come so it will all be over with. It’s too much hating and too many lies being told. I wonder have we ever had someone who was running that was truthful and wanted the best for everyone? Has there ever been an ad out there that hasn’t bashed the other person? Are we okay with how candidates talk and treat each other? They should act like adults, not two-year-olds. These are just my feelings. Maybe the change will come when enough people are truly tired of feeling like nothing has changed. Maybe the next generation will be the change that we need. How can you tell your kids to respect other people when you see on the debates and ads that the adults don’t even respect one another. This is more than a black and white issue. This is more than a rich and poor issue. Will we ever look back and say why is the world this way? I’m saying that now. Where did it all go wrong? I’m quite sure there are plenty of examples of this. But what are we going to do to make things better for the future coming up? I just hope you go out and vote tomorrow. I hope that nobody makes you feel any type of way because of who you voted for. But I hope that you look within yourself and say where can I help be the change.