Enough is Enough:

Photo by Magda Ehlers on Pexels.com

All my life I wanted to feel like I was good enough. I had four men in my life who validated me and let me know that I was loved and cared about. But to me, that wasn’t enough. The main people that I wanted to be enough for I wasn’t. This hurt deeply because as a child you wanted to know that you are cared about. I wanted to be loved and approved of by certain men in my life growing up. And this carried into my adult life where I was seeking to be enough for them. I wanted these men to show up for me, care for me and love me. And as I got older I needed to feel enough in my relationship with men. But never did I stop to think and feel like I was enough for myself. As I was having this discussion with my husband last night he said isn’t being enough for God enough for you? He said people are flawed and we all make mistakes and that being enough shouldn’t be left up to someone else. I’m a people pleaser and all my life I wanted to be enough and matter enough to the men in my life that I deemed important. But I really had to take in the words that my husband spoke to me last night. It doesn’t matter that I’m not enough for everyone else. It matters if God feels like I’m enough. I don’t know why I worry about what others think or feel, to be honest. But I do that’s just who I am. But a change is coming trust me. I need to learn to please and love myself first and more.