The story:

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So how was your weekend? Mines was good. Didn’t do much this weekend which is okay with me. But as today rolls around my mind is brought back to something that we have all faced and dealt with before and that is a disappointment. As I was reading my devotional this morning the author had this story:
Don Mondell wrote this powerful fictional story.
One day, Satan was having a yard sale. He thought he’d get rid of some of his old tools that were cluttering up the place. So there was gossip, lying, greed, malice, and more laid out on the tables. Interested buyers were crowding the tables, curious, looking at what they might purchase. One customer, however, strolled to the back in the garage and found on a shelf a well-oiled and cared-for tool. He brought it out to Satan and inquired if it was for sale. “Oh, no! Satan answered. “That’s my tool. Without it, I couldn’t wreck any follower! It’s my secret weapon!” But what is it? the customer inquired. ” That’s my chief tool- it is called ‘discouragement’. With this tool, I can pry open any heart, and once I’m there, I can do almost anything I want.
Can I say that this story was powerful? Discouragement is not what you want to be or have.

Pain of my father:

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I’m not over the hurt and pain that my dad has caused me. I woke up this morning, just wondering what is about me that makes him not care. What did I do to him? What makes my other siblings more important? I’m hurting for real. If I talk to him again I know that things are not going to go well because I’m going to tell him exactly how I feel. No, I’m not going to be disrespectful but I will let him know that how he is treating me is hurting me in ways he will never understand. I’m trying to let it go, but I’m failing in this area of my life. Let go and let God, I’m trying but right now it’s a deep pain that I need to release but don’t know-how.


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I’ve had disappointments in my life. More than I can count actually. The disappointment for me is when your dad doesn’t show up for you. My dad has caused me more disappointment than I can count. Even as a child he made promises and would say things and never does what he says. You would think that as an adult I’m over that and know better. But when you want and crave a better relationship with your dad and he just doesn’t want that, that hurts. My dad was supposed to be here this weekend and backed out, but my heart was crushed. But one thing I do know, I’m not putting myself through this again I can’t. I have to have a conversation with him and be done. If you don’t feel like I’m important enough then I shouldn’t have you in my life. I’m tired of being disappointed by him all the time.


I know that I shouldn’t let anyone disappoint me, but I can’t help it. I always let a certain person get my hopes up just to let me down. As I’m working on me I need to work and understand that I can’t allow anyone to steal my joy. But once again I’m disappointed in myself for once again allowing someone to disappoint me. I have to understand that some people just don’t care about you as much as you think that they do. If someone wants to make time for you then they will. I’m not going to let anyone disappoint me anymore.