I’m just curious. What makes you read my blogs? Can you relate to what I write? Do you see yourself in the stories and experience I share? Do the books that I review interest you? What brings you back to my blog? I’m super glad that you visit my blog. Im just curious that’s all.

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Are people toxic?:

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Okay here is a silly question: can people be toxic? I mean can they make you sick? I know that people can stress you out, give you headaches and heartaches. But are people toxic? Or do we allow ourselves to become toxic because of them? Have you ever been fine one moment and then being around someone causes you to feel sick? I wonder do people find joy in creating havoc in peoples lives? Could it be other’s or could it be us? Do we allow them to make us sick or should we not let ourselves get to that point? Just curious that’s all. So are people toxic?