Trying to be content:

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Sometimes it is hard to be content when things are not going the way you thought they would go. But right now I’m trying to be content with how my life is going. I have a rotator cuff injury and I’m looking for a job. This is not where I saw my life, well because I had it all planned out. But trust me just because you plan something doesn’t mean that it was going to go your way. I’m trying to learn how to just let go and things will work out. But it’s hard when you want your shoulder to be better and be able to find an amazing job. I’m not a patient person and I need to learn to be patient and know that things will work out.


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I’m the type of person who feels like I need to have some type of purpose. We all have a purpose don’t get me wrong. But what I was looking for was more meaning, more doing, and a sense that this is it. But as I have been working on myself a thought came to my mind. What if being a wife, mother, and friend is your purpose? Okay, that makes sense but this can’t be just it for me, right? I had prayed that I would be able to do more with my writing and I have been. I have been getting books that people have sent me to review. I have gotten first drafts and last drafts of people’s books to review and make suggestions on. And I had to stop and think about it like this is what you prayed for. Yes, I would like to get paid to do it but I’m content doing it without getting paid. I love to see people’s books out that I have read before. It encourages me to continue my writing. My purpose was right there all along. But I was searching for something more. And there may be more for me to do but I need to be content with where I’m at right now.