Are you living or just existing?

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Are you living or just existing? So many of us are just existing because we don’t know what it’s like to fully live. And yes I’m speaking about myself on this one. What does it truly mean to live a life that you have always wanted and dreamed about? I’m not sure. Some may think you have to have a certain amount of money. Some may feel like it’s how many vacations you take. But for me truly living is doing what I love and going where I want. I feel like I’m just existing because I’m bound to a job that is okay. It doesn’t fulfill me it’s just a means to make money. What would I love to be doing? Now that’s a great question. I want to help others, and do things that make me happy with no time restrictions or make someone else rich. I want to live and right now that is so important to me at this moment. But back to my main question. Are you living or just existing?