Book review: The Ex

I love author Alafair Burke her books always keep me on the edge of my seat. This book was no exception, to be honest, I thought that I had this book figured out. But boy was I wrong, I didn’t realize who did it until the very end. So let me get you a brief review of this book. The book the Ex is about Olivia Randall used to date a guy back in college who was just too nice. And then ended up getting engaged but she didn’t want to be married to him. So she decided to cheat on him and not with just anyone but his brother. When he found the watch in their bed he know exactly whose watch it was. That night Jack Harris left Olivia and never looked back. But years later Jack gets arrested and his daughter calls Olivia to help her dad get out of jail. How did nice Jack Harris end up in jail? And why did his daughter call Olivia to help him? Oh, the many twists and turns that this book has will keep you on your feet.

Book review: The meaning of Mariah Carey

I’m not a huge Mariah Carey fan but I do like some of her songs. I got her book for my birthday and couldn’t wait to dive into it. I loved how she talked so much about her family life and how she didn’t feel like she belonged. How she began singing and the many times they moved that made it hard to make friends. How her mother’s life was difficult because she married a black man. How her older siblings were toxic and not a great sibling to her. How singing made her feel and how much she wanted to make this dream come true. She has dealt with toxic and jealous family members. And then to marry a toxic executive who tried to crush her. But all and all Mariah has remained true to herself and people around her. She’s stronger than I gave her credit for. Her love of family wasn’t destroyed because she wanted better than toxic love. In the end I found a deep appreciation for her and all that she went through.

Book review: Beautiful Bad

I don’t even know where to start with this book review. Okay, let me start by saying that this is the first time that I have read a book by this author. I found this book at the dollar tree one day that I was in there. So let’s get into this book review. Let me first start by saying when I started reading this book I thought that I had this book figured out. Oh how wrong I was, I had no clue that what I thought was all the way wrong until almost the end of the book. Maddie was overseas with her best friend Joanna. Joanna and Maddie went to this party and came across these charming and handsome guys. One guy, in particular, caught the attention of both friends. When Maddie had to return to her teaching job in another country. Joanna takes the opportunity to befriend Ian and things seem to escalate pretty quickly. But every time that Maddie visits Joanna her friend seems to be getting further and further away from her. Maddie finds out that Ian has a girlfriend and this breaks her heart. Let’s fast forward now almost two decades later Maddie and Ian are married with a beautiful son. But things seem not to be what you think they are. Ian has PSTD from being in the British army but what’s going on with Maddie? Is this marriage really what it seems or is there a crack in it? One night Maddie calls 911 and the whole story isn’t what it seems anymore. Was this a true crime or was this a mind game? When I tell you that this book had me all over the place. I really like this book.

Book review: An offer from a gentlemen

I got this book from my mom for my birthday. She knows how much I love Bridgerton. This is the first Bridgerton book that I have read. But let me tell you it’s as real as the Netflix series is. This book was so well written and it takes you on a journey you were not prepared for. This book gave me all the highs and the lows that you could want. So of course I enjoyed this book. And yes it’s a must read.

Book review: Let love rule

I love a good book that is completely transparent. I love the honestly with a mix of humility. This book made me see a different side of Lenny. Just because you grow up with a famous parent doesn’t mean you get everything you want. I love how he talks about both sides of his family. His mistake’s and how he trusted his gut in situations that were important to him. This book is awesome and I hope he comes out with another one soon. If you read this book please tell me your thoughts.

Book review:The Graves

Oh my oh my. This is my first time reading a book by this author. But let me just say I’m definitely a fan. This book kept me on my toes. I love a good mystery mixed with a great story line. So this book is about a DA who has to find out who’s killing young college girls. But mixed in with her job she has some feelings for her co-worker. Mixed that in with the fact that she is dating someone and comes across a man who has sparked her interest. But aside from her job and love life. Her parents have cut her off from her inheritance because they don’t like her line of work. But someone who has gotten close to her doesn’t have her best interest at heart. But don’t be fooled by a good looking man. It might turn out deadly. This book is a great page turner. I will definitely be checking out more of her books.

Book review: Every breath you take

When I tell you’ll that I love me some Mary Higgins Clark books. Going from reading books that I truly didn’t get or were just so boring, to this little gem here. Okay so let me give you a little about this book. It’s about a wealthy widow who ends up dying at her charity event. But who killed her remained the mystery. Her kids thought it was her way younger boyfriend and some thought it was her son. But to be honest, I thought it was one of these two, maybe it was and maybe it wasn’t. When I tell you that I love mystery books. This book was no different. I love everything about this book, I couldn’t put it down. Every free moment I had I was reading this book. I give it 5 out of 5 stars. If you have read this book please let me know your thoughts.

Book Review: Mrs.

I was in the Dollar Tree one day and I found a couple of books that caught my interest. I was excited to get home and read this book. I had heard so many people talk about the books that they had found at the dollar tree and how much they enjoyed them. Well let me tell you, this book did not do it for me. I don’t know what it is about this book, but I couldn’t get into it at all. It was so confusing and it started so slow. I didn’t enjoy this book at all. If you have read this book and you think I should give it another try then please let me know. But this book is a no go for me.

Book review: Born for this

I’m a huge fan of BeBe and CeCe Winans. I got married to one of BeBe Winans songs. So when I saw his book in the store I had to get it. But this book felt a little like I’m not sure how to explain it. But I thought it would be more and when it didn’t go deep like I thought it would well I was disappointed. The book starts off talking about his brother Ronald and going to the hospital to see him before he passed away. Then it goes on to talk about how he started his music career. I felt like I wanted more but it fell flat for me.

Book review: Fall from Grace

I love a good rag to riches story. And this one surely didn’t disappoint. So the story is about a woman named Sydney whose husband dies and didn’t change the will. Well, Sydney had been married before and was a fashion designer, she divorced her first husband and she has two daughters. Then years later she marries a man named Andrew who was wealthy and wanted her to quit her job so she could take care of her daughter and him. Sydney and Andrew had been married for years when Andrew dies in a motorcycle accident. Andrew never changed his will when he got married so everything went to his daughter from a previous marriage. And these stepdaughters are as evil as can be. Sydney’s step daughters told her she has so many days to leave the home. Sydney has no job and little money to her name, but she finds a shoebox apartment that she can afford for the time being. The only thing that she has left from her dead husband is the clothes that she owns, jewelry, and an apartment in Paris. She goes to Paris to try and sell the apartment. On her way back she meets a man seated next to her who happens to be in the fashion industry. They strike up a conversation and he gives her his business card. Sydney can’t find work in the fashion industry because she has been out of the game for 20 years. She remembers she has this man’s card that they met on the plane so she gives him a call. Her daughters tell her not to work for this man, but Sydney doesn’t listen. She needs a job and she needs it now. She ends up working for this shady fashion designer who makes her life go from bad to worse………. This is a must-read.