I don’t understand:

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I’m trying to understand why the president is so in a hurry to get people back to work. So it’s okay to have people go back to work and knowing that there is a possibility that this virus could spread even more. Now excuse me if I’m wrong but people are more important to me than money. Yes, we need money to survive but people are also important. People are dying and people are recovering, but what happens when we get back to work and it continues to spread? What happens when more people die? So is life not more than money? Or is money more important than people? God help us because we are putting people’s lives at stake. I’m okay with social distancing, I’m okay with people working from home and I’m okay with people who are out of work getting unemployment. What I’m not okay with is the fact that people could possibly be going back to work and spread the virus more and it becomes worse. Maybe I’m reading to much into it, but without people, there won’t be an economy. Why are people’s lives not as important? I truly hope that the president and all of the congress know what they are doing. Good thing I don’t put my faith in them, but in God.

A good book

I love going to the book store so search out random books. And this book popped out to me for some reason. When I tell you this book is good and it reminds me what God can do through others. This store made me believe in miracles and Gods power again. This book made me cry and understand that not all things are in our hands. God is always in control. I never heard of this author before but I will be getting more books from this author. If you have read this book what do you think?

About yesterday:

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Yesterday was truly amazing, to be honest. I didn’t realize how much fun I had with my husband and daughter. I got to hang out with my baby girl and watch our show on Netflix and just talk. Spending time with her is so important because she’s about to enter into a new season this year. College student. Even though she may not have graduation she’s going to college. Just hanging with her and her wanting to hang with me I love it. And of course the hubby I love spending time with him, even when he gets on my nerves. But yesterday was just so peaceful and we were all laughing and just being silly. I know this is a stressful time for everyone but we all have to make the most of it. Spend one on one time with everyone, I’m truly cherishing this moment because like I said my daughter will be in college soon. The hubby and I are going to be empty nesters so make the most of your time with the people that you love. The little things truly matter most.

Some books I enjoy:

I’ve been able to do a lot more reading this year. And I just want to share some of the books that I enjoy reading. This book has helped me with my relationship with God and myself. I’m learning that my dreams are not dead I just need to do my part so God can do his. Needing to heal and move on and discover my purpose. This book has given me a better outlook on what I need to do. I hope you enjoy this book as much as me.

It’s time:

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Taking the time to reflect on life and what I could have done better. But instead of living in the past how about I start making the changes now right. Well, change is hard sometimes, but change is worth it. I’m learning who is my true friends. I felt like I knew who my true friends were but I feel like people like to fake it. So I’m done with fake friends. Also telling people no, I have a very hard time saying no to people. Well, I need to do better with this in my life. If I don’t want to do it I need to say no instead of doing it and hating it. Also learning to say I’m sorry right then and there and not waiting until I feel like it. Learning to really listen and be more sensitive to other people’s feelings. I can become impatient at times but I need to learn to have patience with people. Also especially in times like this I need to learn how to have time for me. I need to take up new hobbies and learn what I truly love to do. It’s never too late to change things and do things better. I’m trying to do better in my life. I hope you are as well.

This is not a joke:

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In this madness, I have seen that people become bold and rude. The one thing that I dislike the most about this situation is that people are taking lightly there marriages. I have read so many people talking about once this is over they are getting a divorce. But why???? I’m not understanding this. Maybe you had problems before and now this staying at home is just making you have to deal with it more. But one thing I read on someone’s post is that they love the money more than the man. Whoa, that is so disrespectful and why would you post something like this. Well, just a little background on this lady she is a stay at home mom and her husband makes great money. He travels a lot for his job and now that he’s not traveling she doesn’t like him being at home. Why even marry the man, to begin with??????? I don’t understand why people marry just so that they can say they’re married. This makes no sense to me. But in all truthfulness, if you are having problems in your marriage now is the time to talk about what is going on and try to work it out. No matter what the problem it will not get resolved if you don’t talk about it. I wish people would stop making jokes about once this is over then they are over. God didn’t create marriage to be taken lightly. Please be more respectful than this.


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With time on my hands so to speak, I have been working on my book. That’s the good part but the bad part is the fact that my emotions seem to be all over the place. Writing is my release and escape. But when you are writing about real things it takes you to a place you don’t want to go to. I think this book is healing and it’s helping me to let some things go. I believe that we all have a story to tell and sometimes that story is painful. I pray that when I’m done writing my book that I will be able to bless someone and let them know that they are not alone.

Thank you:

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I would like to say thank you to everyone who follows and reads my blog. It means a great deal to me to know that you have taken the time to read my blog. There are so many blogs out there that have so much information. Thank you for going on this journey called life with me as I grow, make mistakes and learn valuable life lessons. I was told to give people their flowers while they are still alive. So thank you so much for all the love and comments on my blog. You all make this so worth it. Again thank you.

About yesterday:

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Yesterday was not a good day at all. My husband got on my last nerve. This was just another way to take something bad and turn it into good. I went to my room and started rewriting my book. Yes rewriting my book. I haven’t really been working on it like I would like to but yesterday I rewrote two chapters. This is certainly a challenging time and the argument was just dumb, but just being together was a lot yesterday. So pretty much all day yesterday everyone was in their own space which was nice because the tension was down. I guess this is another way to learn new things. Personally, space is important. Tension is going to be high you just have to know how to defusive the situation. I was okay reading and rewriting my book. Trying to make this new normal, normal. Have a great day.

How are you?:

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This has been a very interesting week. But we are doing okay. I’m enjoying being at home. It has opened up many conversations that were needed but never had time to talk about. Plus the endless movies we get to watch. I’m just hoping that we won’t start getting on each other’s nerves soon. But one thing that is important is to make sure you spend time with each other. Yes, you may always be in the house with each other but it’s different from spending time together. This may be our new normal for a while but as long as you give each other space, spend time together and have meaningful conversations hopefully the time will fly bye. How is everyone doing during this time?