Have a good day:

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Hello everyone,
I hope you’re having a good day. Well, I’m not. I just don’t feel like writing today. I don’t feel like talking or doing much of anything, to be honest. Have a great day.

Time to get rid of stuff:

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During this coronavirus, I have had time to think about things and life. I see what’s important to me and what’s not. What I can let go of and what I want to keep. No matter what you do you will have to let things go in your life. You have to clean out your heart, closet, kitchen, etc and let some things go. It’s important for growth and learning. Just because you keep things don’t make them valuable or of much use. It’s time to get rid of stuff and let things go.

Coming to an end:

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I’m realizing that I’m holding on to things that need to come to an end. Some relationships have run there course, and instead of becoming better, I ended up worse. Looking back not quite sure why I have stayed around for people. I always end up getting hurt in the end. Some days you feel like okay I’m making progress and other days you feel like why even try. I’m at the way even try anymore stage right now. I’m learning that not everyone is meant to stay in your life forever.

Change or stay the same:

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I know that everyone has thought about what they are going to do once this crisis is over. But here’s a question that I pose to you are you going to be the same or different? Are you going to slack on family time again? Or are you going to make family time a priority? Are you going to be back in buying endless things that you don’t need or are you going to clean out your closet and give things away to charity? I know that when this is over with things in my life are changing and will continue to change because what I felt like was important wasn’t. The time that I have with my family is priceless and I’m going to spend more time with them. No more complaining about what I don’t want to do with them I’m all in now. So my question to you is are you going to stay the same or will you change?

Time to be thankful:

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In this time we are in right now I sit back and become so humble and thankful. I’m thankful that my family isn’t sick, I’m thankful that my husband and daughter still have a job, I’m thankful we were able to pay our rent yesterday. I’m thankful for my mom’s health, I’m thankful that my son’s don’t have to work right now, I’m thankful for all the doctor’s and nurse’s. I’m thankful to be alive, I’m thankful that I’m still in my right mind, I’m thankful to be able to praise God another day. Please be thankful in this season that we are in right now. No complaining just give thanks.

Take time:

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I’m grateful for this time to reflect and spend time with my family. One thing that I notice is that we are so busy doing this and doing that, that we don’t make time for each other as we should. So slowing down has made us appreciate the time that we have together. Not only that but it has helped us to open up about how we feel, what we can work on and just reflect on what is important. I think that when things go back to normal that we are not going to neglect ourselves or each other. We are going to be more intentional about spending time as a family. There are so many things that we can learn in this season, but to me, the most important is to love and spend time with people who matter the most to you. Make this season worth more than complaining. Let’s connect with the ones that we love.

Stop complaining:

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I’ve seen so many people complain about what’s going on in the world. And to be honest, it’s getting on my nerves, so I posed a question. People complain that they don’t get to spend enough time with there kids, spouse, rediscover a dream, etc so what’s the problem now? The problem is even though we are given this time we still complain. Nothing satisfies people anymore! I truly don’t understand. How about sitting down with yourself and work on you for a better you. How about spend more time with your kids and talk with them to see how they are doing and what’s been going on with them. How about thinking about others besides yourself. Yes, we are all in this together but no one wants to hear you complain day after day. It could be worse and you could be sick and not able to have your family visit you. So please people have some compassion and stop complaining. Everything could be taken away from you but it’s not. There are people without a job who are not complaining, there are people who have lost people who are not complaining. How about being more grateful for what and who you have.

Confession of a wife:

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I must admit I haven’t been giving my all to my marriage. Why you might ask? Because I’m afraid that my marriage will fail. I’m so used to people cheating, physical abuse and verbal abuse. But my husband is different right? Yes but he’s still a man. I have had a rough time in my life with men. From my father on and sometimes I feel like maybe I shouldn’t be loved or maybe I’m unloveable. It’s hard to explain but I’m realizing that I’m worth more than I think. So why not give my all to my marriage. If he fails me he fails me but at least I gave my all. I’m glad that I have this time to reflect on my life and make some much-needed changes. Life and marriage can be beautiful but you need to be all in. And I’m definitely all in.

Pain of my father:

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I’m not over the hurt and pain that my dad has caused me. I woke up this morning, just wondering what is about me that makes him not care. What did I do to him? What makes my other siblings more important? I’m hurting for real. If I talk to him again I know that things are not going to go well because I’m going to tell him exactly how I feel. No, I’m not going to be disrespectful but I will let him know that how he is treating me is hurting me in ways he will never understand. I’m trying to let it go, but I’m failing in this area of my life. Let go and let God, I’m trying but right now it’s a deep pain that I need to release but don’t know-how.

Confession of a wife:

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I’m blessed to be a wife but what scares me is how to love. I mean I think I know how to love, but not really. I never had anyone to show me what love looked like toward a man. I’m a very affectionate person but as far as my heart goes well how do I know if I’m loving my husband the way he should be loved? I’ve had a lot of past hurts in my life so I have guarded my heart, but how do I know if I have opened up my heart enough to give him what he needs?