Looking back: Part 2

Photo by Ree on Pexels.com

Looking back on 2019 I have failed myself. I was really into writing my books. Yes, I said books but I became discouraged and just stopped writing. But what was making me discouraged? I try to make myself be as good as everyone else, but I need to be me and I will be okay. In 2020 I’m dedicated to writing my books and getting them published in 2020-2021. We all have a story to tell and I feel like my story is important as well. I’m going to get out of my funk and do better in 2020. It’s good to have realistic goals and to take time to do what makes me happy. 2020 I’m going to be all smiles. Looking back on 2019 I could have done more writing but I choose not to but in 2020 expect great things from me.