Not looking:

I wasn’t interested in a relationship when I met my husband. I had been through enough disappointments to last me a life time. My husband and I worked together on the same team. We became really good friends. We both made it clear to each other that we were not interested in a relationship. But over time feelings began to happen. We both were not sure if we were better off as friends or if we wanted to see where this could go. As you see we took a risk on each other. Our friendship meant everything to us, but the attraction and our bond was stronger. Needless to say we are going strong in our bond and friendship. The most important part of a relationship is the friendship. Without being friends the relationship will be hard. We were not looking for a relationship when we became friends. But what we have now is so much more. When your not looking for someone that’s when you find someone. Love is not perfect but it’s what you put into it.



One thing I truly love about my marriage is spending time with each other. No matter how busy we are or whatever we make time together every day. I love our talks, laughter and just hanging out together. Spending time and communication is so important.

Forgiveness Friday:

Forgiveness isn’t for the other person it’s for you. But you need to forgive your spouse often. I’m learning that I need to have patience with my spouse. I use to have a problem with forgiveness. But not anymore. If my husband can forgive me then I should be able to forgive him. Do you struggle with forgiveness?

My biggest fear as a wife:

Some may say that there biggest fear about being married is divorce but it’s not mine. My biggest fear is being a disappointment to my husband. I don’t ever want to disappoint him. There are some women who just want the title of being wife and the ring with no work. But I want my husband to always be grateful that he chose me to be his wife. What is your marriage fear?

My flaw as a wife:

We all are flawed. No one is perfect. My flaw as a wife and person is that I’m always doing for other’s and rarely take the time to do things for myself. Is this a flaw? Yes. When your busy pouring into others but don’t get it back it drains you. I’m working on being a well balanced person/wife. What are some of your flaws?

I’m learning:

As it’s almost 9 years of marriage the one thing that I work on daily is being a better wife. I’m not where I wanna be as a wife. There’s more I want to do as a person. I want to be more supportive of my husband. I want him to know that he is loved daily. I feel like I could be a better friend and a better listener. I know my strengths but working on my weakness is where I’m at now. I’m working hard to be the wife my husband deserves.


I grew up in a divorced household. My parents divorced when I was seven. Seeing the affects of divorce made me never want to get married. My mom dealt with the hurt, pain and depression because of divorce. But as a child I fully didn’t understand it. But as I got older I learned. When my husband proposed to me I was excited and scared. I didn’t wanna go through a divorce is all I could think about. My husband and I are committed to a divorce is not option rule. Now if there is violence or something that’s not okay then yes. But we are committed to growing our marriage and doing the work. As an adult I’ve grown in my understanding of divorce and it’s affects. Parents it’s just as hurtful going through a divorce for you, but it’s more hurtful for the kids. Talk to your kids to make sure that there okay. I wish my parents would have talked to me because I wasn’t okay for years.


The word submission put fear in me. I hated this word with a passion. Why? Because I didn’t truely understand what it meant. I felt like this was a trick where the woman get walked all over. Not the case at all. Submission is not only for the wife but for the husband as well. Submission is all about respect. We are to submit to one another. So many people have an issue with this word and I totally get it but it’s not bad. Did you have an issue with the word submission before/after or during marriage?

Appreciate your husband:

Good morning as you know this is my anniversary month and I’m talking about all things love, marriage and in between. But today I want to talk about appreciating your husband. We don’t understand how much our husband does for us. Women always want to be shown love, respect, gift giving, etc. But why don’t we do the same for men? Men love when women respect them. I make sure to tell my husband daily that I love him. I buy and do things to show my appreciation for my husband. Ladies we need to take more time to show appreciation and love for our spouse. Do something nice for your spouse and show him love.


Before I got married to my husband the one thing that stuck out to me about him is that he was a true friend. I know a lot of married couples, but I don’t know to many who can say that they are friends. That’s truely sad. My husband is my best friend, my cheerleader, encourager and everything else. But the thing I love the most about my husband is that before we started dating we were friends. We truely got to know one another before we rushed into anything. We made each other laugh and we enjoyed being with each other. I promise it felt like we knew each other for years. It’s nice to be married to your best friend. Make sure before you get married that the person you are considering marrying is your friend.