Time to get real 2:

This week has been a really rough week for me. I’ve let people work my nerves. No matter how much you help people, you will still get disrespect. I’ve tried to be the bigger person but my attitude has gotten out of hand. I can only control me. I love me to much to have to deal with attitude, disrespect and someone not caring. I’m changing my outlook. NO MORE I’M DONE!!!!!!! Here’s to me looking back and saying not today Satan. These lessons are growing me. I will never let someone have that much power over me again. NO MORE.



Everyone at some point in there life has to make some types of decisions. Whether these decisions are about your job, family, spouse or kids. But lately I’ve noticed that there are people who don’t make the decision to grow up. I mean you meet them every where. At work, at church, the grocery store etc. Why do we deal with the immaturity of people? It’s like we are okay babying a bunch of grown immature adults. We make excuses for there actions but they have no coincidence. We don’t call them out and when we do we are looked at as not being understanding. We all make decisions and one of those decisions should be to grow up. I’m sorry at some point in your life you have to take responsibility for your actions.

Time out:

I feel like I need to place myself in a time out. I go zero to 100 on a daily basis. I’m a wife, mother, sister, daughter and friend. By the time I leave in the morning for work till the time I actually close my eyes to go to sleep. I have no more energy. I need to recharge but I’m always going or doing. Plus it doesn’t help when you want to help others. But sometimes I feel like I need to slow down and don’t take on so much. So this weekend I’m officially giving myself a time out.


There are times when I wonder if people care about how they speak and do things affect others. I don’t like the fact that people feel like they shouldn’t have to take responsibility for there actions. Life doesn’t owe you anything. You want something you have to work for it. No one is going to hand you anything. It makes me mad whether it’s at work, out shopping or whatever. Where is the respect in this life.

Someone else’s shoes:

Do you know what it’s like to walk in someone else’s shoes? We look at other people’s lives and say I want there life it’s so much easier. Someone said that to me the other day. But little do they know my life isn’t easy. My mother is sick, I have a husband and kids who need me. My job has it’s pressure and challenges. I rarely get any alone time, I’m always going with something to do. I’m not complaining but she really doesn’t know what my life entails. She sees only a small part of my life. We shouldn’t be so quick to want to walk in someone else’s shoes.


What do you treasure? Is it money? Material things? I treasure my peace, quite time and family and friends. I treasure my time alone. We may treasure different things but what you treasure will be what you go after. I wish more people treasured the simple things in life. We don’t need more stuff we need more time to reflect and get us together. I hope that what you treasure brings you peace and happiness.


Why are we so caught up or affected by what people say about us? Do these people really know us? Have they sat down and had a conversation with you? Were they there when you needed a shoulder to cry on? What about when you were celebrating something? We need to stop getting so caught up in what others say about us. Stop believing the lies. What does God say about you? If it doesn’t line up to what other people say then don’t worry about it. Your life isn’t based off of what other people say. Believe in yourself and speak life in yourself.


Live for today and not for tomorrow

Tomorrow may bring so much sorrow

Today live with a purpose and not with regret

Tomorrow isn’t promised but today your alive

Live for today and not for tomorrow

Because tomorrow is not promised

Tomorrow there is uncertainties

Live for today

Live for today

Life alone:

I use to feel like I wanted to do life alone. I was always busy doing for other people that I felt like why be with someone? Who would help me when I needed help? Who would be there to listen to me? I’m always doing for other’s so why would someone want to do for me? But I learned quickly that doing life alone you will feel alone and be alone. Yes you have family and friends but when they are gone it’s just you. So many people are doing life alone because they feel better off. And that shouldn’t be the case. We need to let people know that we care about them and are there for them. No one should ever do life alone that isn’t life at all. So the next time you’re always wanting someone to be there for you. You should ask yourself maybe I should see if they need anything. Let’s be givers not takers.

It’s time to get real with me Part 1:

When I look in the mirror I don’t recognize the person staring back at me. Who is this person? That’s not my reflection, is it? Who have I become? Where did I lose myself? How do I get back to see my reflection in the mirror again? I’ve lost me and love for me and life. What has changed? Where did I begin to lose sight of who I am? Where do I even begin to put the pieces of this puzzle back together? I have more questions than I do have answers. Time to get real and knock some walls down in my life. It’s time that I get honest with myself. No matter how ugly it gets I’m about to do the work. They say that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. But society has a way of making you not feel beautiful enough. There seem to be so many people getting plastic surgery that being real isn’t normal anymore. I’ve always been tall, skinny and some would say the perfect weight. But all that has always made me so insecure. I wanted to have the curvy body, with big boobs and ass. I wanted to wear clothes that fit in all the right places. But that was never the case. I didn’t start gaining weight until I became pregnant with my first child. But that didn’t last long because as soon as I had him I went back to the same size. I’ve always been self-conscious of how I look. People have always said that I’m pretty and stuff. But that never meant much to me if I didn’t believe it myself. That’s the problem I don’t believe what I’m told. What is beautiful? Who decides who’s beautiful or not? Why can’t I set my standard of beautiful? But as I sit and reflect I’ve noticed that if what other people say about you don’t add up to what you say about you it doesn’t mean much. Why do we believe the lies that we tell ourselves? Why don’t we put much value on ourselves? Does another person’s opinion matter that much? If it does it shouldn’t. We need to be confident in who we are at all times. We need to believe the best in ourselves. We are worth so much more than we give ourselves credit for.