What are you reading?

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What are you reading? Well, I’m currently reading four different books. And yes at one time. I’m still reading one that I have been reading for a while because the book is so long. But here are the books that I’m currently reading.

  1. The Taste of Rain by Barbara Howard
  2. The Amen Sisters by Angela Benson
  3. Think Like A Monk: Train Your Mind for Peace and Purpose Every Day by Jay Shetty
  4. Walking with the Wind: A Memoir of the Movement by John Lewis and Michael D’Orso

So what are you reading this month?


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Have you ever thought about why someone wants you to be friends with this person? Or why people don’t understand that just because you are cool with someone’s behavior doesn’t mean that you have to be. If someone doesn’t add value or meaning to your life why have them in it? I’m on this journey now, I have come to a point in my life where I don’t need anyone who brings me down or adds unnecessary stress to my life. Most of the time people who don’t like you or want to make your life miserable are themselves miserable. The saying misery loves company well I’m not about to be your company. You can’t make someone have a relationship with you that is toxic. I definitely won’t allow it in my life. Stop going back to relationships that are not healthy for you for the sake of giving this person another chance. Stop being okay with people’s disrespectful ways and attitudes. Stop being an enabler to people you know need to do better. Stop thinking it’s cute that people cuss you out and you’re okay with it. If someone doesn’t want you in their lives trust me they will let you know. Stop making excuses for bad behavior. At some point, these people need to be held accountable for their actions. Stop thinking everything is funny when someone is acting up. Not everyone needs to be your friend, coworker, or even family member. I’m sorry bad behavior has got to stop and if you’re co-signing it then you part of the problem as well.

Dead things:

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Death is a permanent thing when it comes to the physical sense. But there are times when we need to let other things die in our lives. For one I have been working on my attitude and it has gotten so much better. I had to let my pride die it was getting in the way of life and me being who I needed to be. I had to let comparison die in my life to, I got tired of trying and having other people compare me. I’m me and I will never be someone else I can only do what I was meant to do. There is so much in life that we need to let die within ourselves. So what are some things that you need to let die. Bury it and move on stop keeping dead things around.

Enjoy who you are with:

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You never know how much you appreciate and enjoy being with someone until they go away. Well, let me tell you the story my husband went out of town, and let me tell you it sucked. I honestly felt like man now I get to watch what I want and just be lazy. But in all honesty, I was lonely. The first day was okay, but the second day I was used to having someone to laugh and joke with. I was used to having someone to hang out with. Yes, I have friends but hanging with my husband is so much fun. When I say that my husband is my best friend he really is. We just get each other and it’s never a dull moment. To say that I was counting down the days and hours for his return would be an understatement. I was so happy when he came back from out of town. It made me appreciate the time that we spent more and just having someone who cares about me. Yes, I have friends but it’s nothing like having your man around. I feel like when you’re around someone all the time you don’t truly appreciate them until they are gone. Marriage is like that you don’t appreciate your marriage until you know longer have one. The moral of the story is to enjoy who you are with because one day you won’t have them.

Take a moment:

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When was the last time you took a moment to breathe? I know that we breathe without thinking about it but honestly, when was the last time you took that moment? Life is stressful but you can control your breathing through those stressful moments. If you take 5 deep breaths when you are feeling stressed, your stress level goes down. What about sitting somewhere for 5 minutes and tuning everything out except for your breathing? Your breathing makes a world of difference if you take the time to notice it. So I will ask you again when was the last time you took a moment to breathe?

Love yourself:

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I’ve had so many conversations with my friends about finding someone who will love them. But it made me pause because how you treat yourself is how others will treat you. That took me a long time to truly understand that. But if you don’t love yourself how can you expect someone else to love you? What are you looking for in terms of love? Why do you say to yourself? What do you allow others to say to you? What worlds do you speak over yourself? How about speaking life and love into yourself first? How about loving yourself first? I worked on loving myself even while being married and it has done wonders for my marriage. I love me and I know how I want to be loved and my husband gives me that. It has also taught me how to love my husband as well. So before you want someone to love you learn to love yourself first.

I’m back:

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It has been a minute since I last blogged. So let me update you on what I have been doing. Taking time to care for me and do some of the things that I need to do for myself. I have just been growing and loving the woman that I’m becoming. I’m not dealing with negative energy or stressing myself out over people. I’ve been reading but not as much as I would like. Currently, I’m reading three books, yes I said three books. I’m working on being a better wife and just simply enjoying life. I’m trying to lessen my social media time which has gotten better. I have bought two new plants. But self-care and having time to just grow and let go of the stress have been so important to me. The little things in life bring me so much joy now. I see people living outside of their means and I’m just like you did all this to put it on social media and now your broke? That’s why I’m limiting my social media. I was focused too much on other people’s lives and I needed to get my own together. Life is pretty sweet right now. I’m in a happy place that I hope to stay at for years to come. I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend.

New week:

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I walked past the mirror and didn’t recognize the woman that I saw. I did a double take and yes still didn’t know who she was. She wasn’t the confident, encouraging, and joyful person I knew. The mirror can show you things about yourself that you don’t want to see and know about. The mirror can show you all of your imperfections. But the mirror also shows you the truth. I feel like in the last two weeks life has really beat me down. It has sucked all the joy, motivation, and encouragement that I usually feel. I have been disappointed, lied to and most of all just let down by so many people. The mirror has a way of showing you the truth and what you do with it is up to you. I’m determined not to let life beat me down. It’s a new week but I don’t feel like it’s a new me. But when you see things for what they really are and change your mindset things can get better. I’m determined to have a better week. I’m determined to not let life get the best of me. We all have times when life gets the best of us. I’m here to let you know that it can and will get better.

Enough is Enough:

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I don’t know about you but I’m so tired of seeing countless innocent people dying. It’s starting to get to me. Someone help me understand why we need military-grade weapons on the street? Children don’t feel safe in schools anymore. Your workplace isn’t safe either. When is enough, enough people? Some argue it’s mental help. Some argue it’s guns. Some people say that guns are not the problem, some say it is. We as adults need to do more than just talk about it. These are people of all ages dying for no reason. I don’t live too far from Allen, Tx and I have been to that outlet mall. Where can you go to feel safe? How do we make this stop? If you don’t care then keep living your life like this is normal. It’s not normal. I never had to worry about a school shooting when I was in school. There wasn’t a time that I did not feel safe anywhere. But now we are living in different times. People just don’t care anymore. At some point in our lives, we need to care about others. It seems like every time I turn on the tv someone else has died a senseless death. I don’t have all the answers but I do have a few solutions. Do I feel like the people in office care not sure? But if they did they would take action sooner rather than later. So I leave this question with you. When is enough, enough?