I’m here to love you, no matter how long it takes

I’m here to love you those are the vows we made

Love can be complicated but it’s worth the time

My love is genuine it’s better than fine wine

I’m not going to let love break me

I’m in it for the long haul

Love is for the taking the making might be awhile

Love can get lonely if your not with the right one

Love is pure and simple

You just have to love the right one


The woman I am:

I look at myself and I’m proud of who I see

It takes hard work to be me

Some say I make it look easy

Have you walked in my shoes

My whole life will give you the blues

See I make being me look easy because I’ve struggled with myself in the past

I’m more confident in my walk with a lot less sass

I’m loving the skin that I’m in it’s not been an easy road

I’m proud of my journey and the load that I’ve carried

So my stride my look easy but my journey was not

I’m loving the woman that I am and that means a lot

New Season 1:

I’m entering into a new season of change. See part of my season is leaving old things behind and saying hello to new things in my life. Worry, doubts, fears and things like that are no longer welcome in my life. I have been down long enough to know that I don’t want to be the same person anymore. And what I mean by that is I want to live a life that is rich and full. A life of meaning and joy. I’m tired of fear and doubt ruining my life. I’m doing the things that bring me joy, peace, and laughter. Life is way to short to be stressed out over little things and big things as well. This new season is full of change.


Hello morning I’m feeling fine

Sun is shining not a cloud in the sky

Am I dreaming did you just wink at me

No it’s not possible you are the sun

You shine so bright it must be the glare

There it goes again I can’t be dreaming

The sun just winked at me

It’s not glare or a dream

My future must be bright or I’m seeing things


I’m a reflection of who I see in the mirror
My beauty is skin deep and the skin that I’m in is skin deep
Loving the women that I see in the mirror is just an image I see
See I’m a reflection of who I see, what lies beyond the mirror is me
I’m perfectly imperfect the reflection is me
Who is this the women that I see, and why is she staring at me
I love her smile and the sparkle in her eyes
The women I see in the mirror is me
I’m going to love you like never before and cherish the women that I see
The women looking back in the mirror is me

Summer love:

Happy am I so deep in love

Dreams keep getting bigger

No need to sleep your life away

Get out your funk and go play

Summer is here and fear is gone

Keep on dreaming it won’t be long

The days are longer and love is alive

My eyes are wide open no need to hide

Summer is hot and love is hotter

No matter what there is always tomorrow


Yesterday was amazing. I’m blessed to see another day. But now that that’s over with, it’s time to really work on me. Hello, new me, hello new love, new life, and new joy. I’m going to love getting older making wiser decisions and loving life. It’s never too late to change. Hello joy, hello love and goodbye pain. Life can be amazing when you let go of things that are holding you back.

Happy birthday:

I can’t believe it’s finally here. Yes today is my birthday. I’m excited to see another year. I’m also excited to make some much needed changes in my life. I’m ready to accomplish some dreams. It’s going to be a great year and day.