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As I’m working on my boundary issues one thing this very hard for me. How do I set boundaries for the people that are closest to me? That has been the hardest one. I have tried to create some healthy boundaries, but it’s not working. And because it’s not working I feel myself getting more stressed out than I should be. Creating boundaries for people that you see and deal with daily is not easy at all. Any suggestions for me?

She’s back:

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She’s back. It’s been a minute since I felt like writing for my book. I had lost interest and faith in myself when it came to my book. But this last week several things had started to make me miss writing for my book. So many people have asked me about it and I just said that I have no interest. I couldn’t understand this feeling but I had it. But reading other people’s posts and some of my comments. Something started to stir in me. Then I saw the documentary on Netflix that Oprah did with Viola Davis. I don’t know what it was about the documentary that just made me say I’m writing again. And since Saturday I have been writing like crazy. Maybe I just needed a break but I now know that I still love to write. Plus I have to stop comparing myself to others and just do me. I’m good enough and my success will not look like other people’s success. But I’m back.

Healthy boundaries:

I’m learning a hard but necessary lesson. I need to learn how to create healthy and necessary boundaries. I felt like I was fine in this area. But this weekend taught me a very valuable lesson. I need to learn how to create boundaries. This was a hard and painful lesson to learn. I have started reading a book about boundaries. How many of you are struggling to create boundaries? And if you’re not what are some healthy boundaries you have created?

Passion/ Purpose:

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Are you doing what you love with your life? Do you wish that you could be doing something different with your life? Do you have dreams of doing more and being more in life?

That’s where I’m at with my life. I’m just working a job that provides me income. But it’s not a job that I’m passionate about.

I had to ask myself what is myself some questions.

What are some things that I’m passionate about? Here are some of the things that I have come up with:

  1. Helping people
  2. Reading/ writing
  3. Encouraging people
  4. Learning a new skill/ DIY

But now here is the problem. Now that I know this what is a job or even a side business that I can do? How can I use my skills to do more and be more in my life? So many questions but not enough answers? Are you doing what you love? If not what can you do to change it?

About the poem:

A lot of you have reached out to me regarding my poem drowning. Yes I’m okay. That’s just how I was feeling in the moment. When you have so many people who are needing you when they need you. It’s just a lot. I honestly felt like I was drowning and couldn’t come up for air. Im learning not to let people take from me what I don’t have. I feel like at times people can suck you dry. They will literally take all your energy away. I have to find time to replenish myself before I pour back into someone. So again yes I’m fine. Thanks for all the concerns.

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Book review: Run away

Oh this book, oh this book is everything. You think that you know the story, but you really don’t. This book I could not put down, it was just that good. This book will have you questioning the secrets that people keep. But more than anything this book will have you wondering why you couldn’t figure out the story. Must read.

Life lesson’s:

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I’m a huge action speaks louder than words person. But what I haven’t been doing is truly listening to the words. I can see someone’s actions, but I neglect to truly hear them. And now my ears are wide open, but the words that have come out of another person’s mouth don’t match their actions. I had to step back and take a long look at myself and wonder how long have I been missing the signs in other people? I’m more focused on the action but neglected the words. Whoa, I feel like a fool. I use to look at the actions and words but when you trust someone you don’t question that anymore. Or so I thought. But honestly, maybe I should have been questioning everything all the time. I wonder how long I have been naive? I wonder how long it would have taken me to truly understand that maybe you are not who you thought you were to someone! We all grow and learn but sometimes you trust someone so much that these things you just stop questioning. My conclusion to this is that you should never stop questioning things no more how comfortable you get with someone.

Check in with you often:

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It’s the year of taking care of me. My kids are all grown and I have spent years neglecting myself. When the pandemic hit so did my anxiety and other things that I was dealing with. I’m not sure about you but neglecting yourself is not the way to go. My mental health took a toll and I felt like something had to give. So I took inventory of my life and I found the things that I have been neglecting in me. I found things that I needed to work on and I found books that are helping me do things differently. I’m not where I wanna be but I’m way better than before. I have decided that every month I’m going to check in with myself to see how I’m doing. What I can I improve on and what’s not working. This has really helped me to do a reset in my life. Check on yourself often. You’re worth it.

Time to spring clean friends:

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Who in your circle is making you better? That was one of the hardest questions that I had to ask myself. Who was making me better? Who was encouraging me and seeking to help me do better in my life? I had to stop and examine the people that are in my life. I had to make some hard choices to let people that I thought that I needed to go. When you mess up do you have people who call you out or just go along with what you did? When you are at your lowest do you have people who will talk to you and encourage you? Or are they not even around? Who in your circle makes you better? I don’t want people in my life who are just there taking up my time and space. I want people who I can go through all seasons of life with. It’s sad to say that my circle is super small right now, which is fine with me. But now that spring is here I had to do some spring friend cleaning. And right now I’m happy where I stand with friends.