Book review:

I have been trying to find books that will help me in this season that Im in. And this book did not disappoint. I wanted to do and be better at mediation. And this book has taught me different ways to not only mediate but also mindfulness. I have tried many techniques in this book that has made me better. If you’re looking for a book that will teach you many mediation and mindfulness.


How has your week been? Any plans for the weekend? Well my week is bittersweet. I gave my two weeks notice for my job yesterday. This place has the best management and coworkers I have worked with in a long time. So you’re probably wondering why am I leaving… Well it’s our system and I feel like I have given so much of myself to this job. I haven’t worked in the healthcare field in a long time. And quite honestly I’m drained. I’m hoping to find something that will bring me joy. My weekend well hopefully relax and catch up on my TV shows. Have a great weekend everyone.

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Love language:

One thing for sure is that my husband and I speak different love languages. When we took this test maybe 5 years ago I know exactly what my love language was then. It has always been physical touch and when I took the test almost 5 years ago that was correct. But as time goes by and we grow so does our love language. I told my husband that I missed it when he use to buy me cards or write me letters. They meant so much to me, but he doesn’t do that anymore. He felt like my love language was still physical touch. I was irritated one day because I always seem to be encouraging others but when I needed the encouragement I had no one to give it to me. And an idea came to me, what if my love language has changed and I’m upset because my husband isn’t giving me what I need. How can he give me something when he thinks I’m still with the same love language. Well, I took the survey and sent him the link as well and I wasn’t surprised to see that my love language had changed. I showed my husband the results and he understood why I was so needed when it came to words of affirmation. It’s interesting because my husband’s love language has changed as well. His is quality time and we were both in the old love language trying to give each other what we don’t need anymore. This test has helped us to be very mindful of what we both need and how to speak each other’s love language. What is your love language?

My weekend:

My weekend was absolutely amazing. Words doesn’t do it any justice. My husband and daughter made me feel totally loved and cared about this weekend. We didn’t do anything fancy, but it was still amazing. I haven’t let anyone just love me in a way that they want to love me. I always felt like I needed to be loved a certain way.  But never gave them the benefit of the doubt. We all have different love languages and I needed love in my language. But what I realized is that we love differently and genuine love is the best love. Spending time laughing, talking and eating made my weekend. Im a simple woman I don’t need a lot to be happy. But this weekend was the best weekend in a long time and Im grateful for my husband and kids.

Time to become better:

Communication is so important. Im stubborn at times and I feel like people know what I need at all times. But they don’t. I have always been a surface communicator. I have learned some valuable and hard lessons this week. This week has taught me not to assume people know how you feel. Common sense right? Well sometimes I forget that. But also that people love and care for you. They need to know that you are okay and to tell them what you need. Talk to others about things that matter no matter how you think someone else might feel. Always try to speak with love and not anger. Your feelings matter as well as others. Talking with people can help clear up a lot of confusion and distrust. Communication can be hard but the results of expressing yourself are so worth it. Im working becoming a better communicator.

Help me understand:

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So Saturday I was sick with food poisoning and I pretty much had to take care of myself. I had to ask my husband for some water. But other than that I was on my own. And it hurt me to have people in my home who didn’t check on me or ask me how I was doing. That broke my heart because I have never and would never do that to them.
I was still sick on Sunday but I was angry and I let it out in an unhealthy way to my husband. And he told me that he never grew up seeing his parents take care of each other when they were sick. He’s also not used to seeing affection and hearing his parents say that they love each other.
Just because you don’t see it growing up does that make you not able to help someone in need? If you didn’t see compassion growing up does that make you compassionless? If there was no empathy in the home does that make you not know what empathy is and not show it?
I’m just trying to understand some things. Guys, please chime in here. My husband is not the only man who when I have been sick or going through something just didn’t show up for me as I needed them to. Not gonna lie I feel some type of way. And it hurts to go above and beyond for people when they are down but not get it in return when I’m down. Am I wrong to feel this way? Someone, please help me out here.


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As I’m working on my boundary issues one thing this very hard for me. How do I set boundaries for the people that are closest to me? That has been the hardest one. I have tried to create some healthy boundaries, but it’s not working. And because it’s not working I feel myself getting more stressed out than I should be. Creating boundaries for people that you see and deal with daily is not easy at all. Any suggestions for me?

She’s back:

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She’s back. It’s been a minute since I felt like writing for my book. I had lost interest and faith in myself when it came to my book. But this last week several things had started to make me miss writing for my book. So many people have asked me about it and I just said that I have no interest. I couldn’t understand this feeling but I had it. But reading other people’s posts and some of my comments. Something started to stir in me. Then I saw the documentary on Netflix that Oprah did with Viola Davis. I don’t know what it was about the documentary that just made me say I’m writing again. And since Saturday I have been writing like crazy. Maybe I just needed a break but I now know that I still love to write. Plus I have to stop comparing myself to others and just do me. I’m good enough and my success will not look like other people’s success. But I’m back.

Healthy boundaries:

I’m learning a hard but necessary lesson. I need to learn how to create healthy and necessary boundaries. I felt like I was fine in this area. But this weekend taught me a very valuable lesson. I need to learn how to create boundaries. This was a hard and painful lesson to learn. I have started reading a book about boundaries. How many of you are struggling to create boundaries? And if you’re not what are some healthy boundaries you have created?

Passion/ Purpose:

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Are you doing what you love with your life? Do you wish that you could be doing something different with your life? Do you have dreams of doing more and being more in life?

That’s where I’m at with my life. I’m just working a job that provides me income. But it’s not a job that I’m passionate about.

I had to ask myself what is myself some questions.

What are some things that I’m passionate about? Here are some of the things that I have come up with:

  1. Helping people
  2. Reading/ writing
  3. Encouraging people
  4. Learning a new skill/ DIY

But now here is the problem. Now that I know this what is a job or even a side business that I can do? How can I use my skills to do more and be more in my life? So many questions but not enough answers? Are you doing what you love? If not what can you do to change it?