New week:

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I walked past the mirror and didn’t recognize the woman that I saw. I did a double take and yes still didn’t know who she was. She wasn’t the confident, encouraging, and joyful person I knew. The mirror can show you things about yourself that you don’t want to see and know about. The mirror can show you all of your imperfections. But the mirror also shows you the truth. I feel like in the last two weeks life has really beat me down. It has sucked all the joy, motivation, and encouragement that I usually feel. I have been disappointed, lied to and most of all just let down by so many people. The mirror has a way of showing you the truth and what you do with it is up to you. I’m determined not to let life beat me down. It’s a new week but I don’t feel like it’s a new me. But when you see things for what they really are and change your mindset things can get better. I’m determined to have a better week. I’m determined to not let life get the best of me. We all have times when life gets the best of us. I’m here to let you know that it can and will get better.

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