Feelings-so deep in my feelings:

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What happens when the relationship that you want isn’t giving you what you want? What happens when you show yourself to care and love someone, but the response isn’t what you expected? What happens when you put in the effort more than the other person? What happens when there isn’t real understanding? Walking away is so easy, but is it always the best option? I feel guilty if I give up but I also feel like what more do I have to give? Have you ever felt stuck and unsure of what to do? Have you ever questioned your feelings about others? Life can seem overwhelming when we have relationships that are important to us but feel clueless at times on how to handle things. This is me and this is where I’m at right now in my life.

14 thoughts on “Feelings-so deep in my feelings:

  1. You are not alone. I feel stuck and conflicted at times. I don’t feel seen or heard and that’s not a good feeling. I have to continue to focus on me, pray and meditate. The answers will come. Sending you peace, love & light your way as your continue on your journey.

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      1. Yes, feeling seen and heard is very important, especially when it’s your partner. I deserve to be heard and I’m putting my faith in me doing the work on within will lead to change. My hope is we both get what we deserve and desire within our relationships. Have a beautiful Sunday, on purpose!

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  2. I have felt this way and I was stuck in a very long off and on again relationship. It was not easy to walk away but, I had to choose me. I love me more than I loved them. I told my daughter this: I don’t care how much you are in love, you have to love yourself more because if there is ever a time when things unravel, the relationship becomes one sided, toxic, you’re unhappy, you have to love yourself more that you choose you. You choose peace. You break your own heart to heal again. Eventually, to love again.

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  3. Your posts ALWAYS touch me in ways only God knows. I cherish them, I ponder each word, for weeks. I don’t comment much as I would blow up your comment sections! KNOW, though, that your words impact lives far more than you will ever know or understand this side of heaven. As you share your heart, you help me find the courage to share mine, as well. I pray for you on the regular knowing how much these words cost you. Those, who are not writers, do not understand that EVERY word hurts to birth and have weight with them. Be encouraged. You are going in the right direction and are leading others into the lght with you.. I go with as well…

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      1. Beloved, if you were not literally breaking chains, setting hearts free, giving folk the courage to LIVE, the enemy would not be doing everything to close your mouth. You are feeling the heat, because you stand at the very furnace and heartbeat of God. This trial, is just that. Yet, you are being shaped into priceless gold. Keep going, my sister queen. It is NOT in the outcome. It is in your TRY. You cause others to thirst to try. You shall see, soon. Keep going. You shall write your way out of this. Insodoing, you are leading folks into the promised land. I go with you, my sister. You are NOT alone. Be strengthened. Be encouraged. #YourLifeMattersToMe. ttnette37@yahoo.com. I love you, my sister. Love back. Starting with YOU.

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