Let’s match energy:

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

I hear the saying that I match energy so much. I’m not going to lie when someone makes me mad I match energy as well. But what if we match energy with our dreams and goals? What if we match energy when it comes to friendships and relationships? When someone makes us mad we bark back and put forth so much energy letting them know how we feel. But what about our personal lives? How about the relationship that you should have ended years ago but you are still in because you want to be with someone? How about putting energy into the job you really want to do? How about showing up for the people who always show up for you? How about putting forth energy to work on your mental health? How about matching energy when it comes to your dreams? Let’s turn all of this negative energy into something positive and productive. As much energy as you pour into a job, you don’t like, how about putting that same energy into something that you do like? Let’s match some positive energy this week.

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