Spring cleaning:

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

My co-worker was talking about how she doesn’t like spring cleaning. And I asked her why she didn’t like spring cleaning. And she stated that she hates getting rid of stuff and cleaning. And that made me think about so many things. We get so stuck either saying things to ourselves or we don’t like change at all. But we should change how to speak to ourselves. We should change how we think. But most of all we need to spring clean our minds. If you watch the news daily you know that there is so much going on in this world and it can change your attitude about life and people. But most people are not hateful and they care about others. Not only do we need to spring clean our minds but also our hearts. We need to learn to forgive people more. We need to learn to be more compassionate forward one another. Spring cleaning our personal lives are so important. Is there something that you want to do that you keep putting off? Why do you keep putting it off? Spring clean your friend list, not everyone is meant to stay with you for a lifetime. Spring clean your job is this something that you want to do or are you just doing it for the money? People it is time for a deep spring cleaning of our lives. What are you getting rid of?

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