Lesson’s #2:

Photo by Edgar Hernandez on Pexels.com

I love lessons because they always teach me something. I felt like I knew how I wanted to be loved by my husband. Yes, read that again. Ladies, we always have this idea in our heads about how we want to be loved. Not knowing that most of the time men are loving us how we want to be loved, we just don’t realize it. If anyone knows me they know that actions speak louder than words to me. I’m huge on that. But I would tell my husband all the time that I want to hear certain words. But it dawned on me this weekend that my husband is loving me how I want and need to be loved. But since I didn’t hear the words all the time I felt like I wasn’t being loved how I wanted to be. I took for granted all of his actions because I didn’t get the words as well. Life has a way of teaching you things that are right in front of your eyes. This weekend has been truly amazing, probably one of the best weekends this year. No, we didn’t go anywhere or do anything special, but the talks and the connection we made were beautiful. It’s always the little things for me.

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