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As I’m going through my journey there is one thing that I’m doing more of. What is that one thing you ask? Well, it’s water. I’m not a huge water drinker and I drink more coffee and tea than water. I just don’t like plain water if I’m being honest. But I have incorporated different things into my water. I love cucumbers and lemons in my water. The taste is so refreshing. I’m not big on adding any flavors that are not natural. So I’m doing a 21-day water journey. I can have in the morning either coffee or tea and then that’s it. Nothing but water for the rest of the day. It’s said that it takes 21 days to create a habit so this is a good habit that I want to create. I have started looking at what I eat and drink and I’m taking the time to do better. Anything not good for me I don’t want to put in my body anymore. Now, this is a journey I’m not going to get rid of everything overnight. But little by little I only want to eat things and drink things that are good for me. Health is definitely wealth in my opinion. A healthy you is a better you.

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