If it was easy:

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

It’s always nice to see people get engaged and prepare for the wedding day. I remember getting engaged and working on the wedding. It was an exciting time, but also a stressful time. It’s magical when the day comes but what about the days after? We concentrate so much on that one day that we forget about the rest of the days after. Yes, it’s nice to have a day all about you two, but honestly, every day is going to be about you two. There will be days when one gives more than the other. There will be days when you are wanting your spouse to understand where you are coming from but there busy. Everything is going to start becoming more important than you two. Why is that? Well, you stop making the time to spend with one another. You stopped taking the time to care for one another. That one magical day now looks like you have made a mistake because the person you married is so different now. What happened to my spouse? Where did things begin to change? You use to have so much fun. I heard people say these things so many times. Nothing happened to your spouse, you two just made other things more important. Now your marriage doesn’t look like what you envisioned as a little girl. No, now your marriage looks like real life. Not some perfect picture on Instagram. Your marriage is now a hot mess and you don’t even know where to begin. Well, honestly people need to get back to the foundation of their marriage. How about talking about things that are bothering them and being honest about them? Not mean and harsh but let the truth and tears flow. It’s so easy to give up and quit. But it’s harder to stay and say I want this to work. We are flawed humans and if we don’t know how you feeling then it’s business as usual. But just like you put in time and effort on the things that you like and enjoy. How about putting that same effort into your marriage? You can’t expect a garden to grow if you don’t plant the seeds and water them. You can’t expect your marriage to grow if you’re not taking care of it either. So before you think marriage is easy and anyone can do it, how about you look past the wedding day and ask yourself how can you make this better past the wedding day.

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