Life lesson’s:

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There are always blessings in lessons. And I know that trouble doesn’t last always. And even though this week isn’t up I have learned some hard lessons. But they have also become a blessing. There will always be people who let any type of power or title go to their heads. And they enjoy using that power to make people feel small and powerless. They don’t care who they hurt as long as they are getting what they want. I have had a week from well you know where. And this week isn’t over with but my problem is over with. When you try your best to do your job and someone makes your job ten times harder than it should be, you start to think is it me? This person who wasn’t even my boss nor worked in my department made my life miserable and she did everything in her power to let me know she didn’t care how I felt. No matter how many times I went to management she always won well because she thought she was making my department better but instead she made it worse. I often wonder when people get into a position of power do they ever think about when they were new? When they were starting? How were they treated? But I learned my lesson that sometimes you have to be the bigger person and I wasn’t but we all have times when enough is enough. Life is way too short to be okay with workplace bullying and intimidation. Life is full of lessons and I will always be learning.

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  1. Hey Sis, this is Shawnté from Flyy Girl Zone.

    I understand where you are coming from. I have had several challenges at jobs and I can honestly say it wasn’t me, I can admit when it was. When someone feels threatened, they often have to create discord and discomfort around the person who makes them feel threatened. Other people abuse their power in the workplace because that’s the only place they have power. There are several other reasons, but you are not one of them. It’s a personal thing. Don’t take on someone else’s energy. Never stoop down to pick up anyone else’s trash. That means, people who have something to prove are usually operating at a low vibrational level, and to feel “important” they have to feed off the energy of other people, which often means they have to bring that person down to their level. Don’t let anyone do that to you. First Lady Michelle Obama said, “When they stoop down, we rise up.” Rise up, Sis! There is an art to it. And I promise you, it feels so good when you rise up!

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